Rescued Pets Come To Rescue Your Mood! (40 pics)

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My Husband Couldn't Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise

After Adopting Our First Cat Everyone Prepared Us For A Nervous And Timid First Few Weeks, This Was Our Sweet Boy 30 Minutes Later

My Dog, Who Has Never Liked Cats, Adopted My Bottle Baby Foster Kitten. She Adopted Him Too, I Think

The Neighbours Wanted To Put Down This Dog Due To Being Very Aggressive. Instead, My Dad Adopted Him Into Our Family

Shadow was very aggressive when we first brought him home but now he is filled with so much love. He is with his two best friends everyday playing and sleeping together


This Little Girl We Found In A Cardboard Box

Izismile Video Collection

Sebastien Recently Gained A New Little Sister

My Son, 8, Who Happens To Have Autism Got A Bunny. He Sits Outside With The Bunny For Hours. His Echolalia Stops. His Stimming Stops. He Is Calm, Focused And Happy

My Girlfriend Has This Rescued Cat, And I Think She's Cute

Adopted This Sweet Baby Boy Today. His Name Is Pickles

Disco Is 2-Months-Old And Just Woke Up From A Nap

My Mom Meeting Her Dream Kitten For The First Time Today

Everyone Meet Jake (7-Years-Old). My Wife (Pictured) And I Adopted Him Yesterday From A Local Shelter

Jake has been in 4 different homes in the last year and deals with a ton of anxiety. But with lots of love and his new big sister, Gigi, he's going to be just fine


I Saved Him, But Actually He's Saving Me

Hi Everyone. My Name Is Joey. I Am Excited Because I Am Being Adopted Today

My Dad Just Got A Kitten


Abbi Learned How To Walk Upstairs Alone And She’s Very Proud Of Herself

The Two Puppies Who Visited The Georgia Aquarium Were Adopted Together Today

Dad’s New Little Girl

She Suddenly Slept Like This While I Was Just Playing With Her. It Was A Stray Kitten, My Brother Adopted Her

My New Puppy. She’s A Mutt, Some German Shepard And Some Australian Cattle Dog

Adoption Day For This Little One. That Look

We Rescued A Pregnant Cat. Best Decision Ever. This Is Her With Her Son

Morning Blep From Our Rescue Kitty, Mosi

My Husband And I Found This Dog Wandering Around In Our Neighborhood Today. Turns Out She’s Been Seen Around For Weeks, And No Owner Has Come Forward

She doesn’t have a chip or tags, so we’re taking her in indefinitely while we search for her owner. We’ve been calling her Juno


Everyone, Meet Popeye, The One Eyed Rescue Pup

After Growing Up With Cats And Loving Other People’s Cats. I Finally Have My Own Bundle Of Pure Joy - Meet Nova Everyone

This Is Little Arietty, Patiently Waiting For Me To Throw Her Toy. I Am Starting To Suspect That We May Have Adopted A Doggo

Quarantine Silver Lining: Time To Adopt This Pupper

It Finally Happened. I Rescued This Beautiful 2-Year-Old Boy Today! Everyone Meet Mr. Teriyaki

The Best Thing To Come From The Coronavirus... We Adopted Our Foster Pup

Our New Rescue Kitty. We Call Him Sinbad

The Adoption Center Said To Expect Her To Hide Under The Bed For A Week. Here Is Our New Girl, Millie, After About 4 Hours

Karma The Pitbull. Got Her From My GF’s Work

This Was The Day This Little Guy Found Me And Got Himself Adopted

I Found Him Running On A Road. Got His Chip Scanned And The Vet Called The Owner On File. They Didn’t Care About Him, He Was Dumped. So Meet My Little Buddy, Wilson

He Was Adopted After Being Going From Home To Home And Being Mistreated By His Former Owner. I Think He's Finally Happy

I Adopted A Cat (Grey One) For My Elderly Parents And After Two Weeks Of Hiding He's Starting To Hang Out With Us

Just Adopted And She Graced Me With A Blep

My Birthday Is Tomorrow, Got Myself The Cutest Little Rescue. Meet Marcel

We Just Rescued This Left Alone Cat, He Instantly Fell Asleep When We Got Back






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