How to Actually Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

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How to Actually Stop Wasting Time on the Internet


As one of the biggest and most irresistible time thieves, the internet acts as both our greatest advantage and scariest distraction. On the one hand, the internet serves as a good problem solver when you need online academic help and are looking to order cheap research papers; but on the other, it largely prevents us from tending to some more important things in our lives. Speaking of the negative side of this vast digital expanse, the web is known for stealing our time, minds, and sometimes nerves, driving us into a debilitating circle of addiction. But are there any ways to fight this severe malady of the digital era?

Internet addiction can indeed be handled with the help of several time-proven techniques and recommendations. This article is dedicated to introducing you to the most effective of them!

    1.   Forget About Social Media for Some Time

The first step to overcoming your internet craze is logging off your social media accounts. Even if you think you are trying to discipline yourself by simply abstaining from using your accounts, you’re wrong. Giving yourself a pledge doesn’t quite work here. To not let your Facebook, Twitter, and other trending digital media keep you off your work, you do need to log out of your accounts!

    2.   Schedule the Time You Spend on the Internet

To organize your time on the internet, you need to schedule it. Decide on how many hours per day you want to spend online and do your best to stick to this time frame. Make sure to comply with the limits you set and sedulously follow the schedule. In the end, you will see how easily you can stop obeying your destructive burden.

    3.   Take Breaks

If you work non-stop but can’t keep going like that for long, be sure to take a short hiatus and freshen yourself up in between work shifts. Tiring work can make you want to use the internet, causing you to get stuck there for a lot longer than you initially planned. This is the reason why you need breaks that are not connected with surfing the web. Make use of good old methods of reviving your energy, such as grabbing some fresh air or listening to music, while being careful with employing the methods that might somehow suck you back into the digital dimension.

    4.   Get a Work-Only PC

To keep away from using the internet for distracting and non-useful purposes, get a computer you can use for work only. If your funds allow you, buy two computers and employ one of them only for work. Separating your internet activities into those related to work and non-work activities, you largely increase your chances to do better while working or studying and learn to resist your temptations.

    5.   Turn Off Notifications

One of the greatest distractions that the internet can subject you to is notifications. Every moment, we get reminders from other internet addicts through apps. And, if you want to eliminate your internet addiction, you need to cut notifications, too. And this applies to every application you use, not only to those you use the most – there’s always a good chance that the apps you use less frequently might start buzzing out of the blue, too.

In a Nutshell

Ceasing to waste your time on the internet seems like a huge challenge, doesn’t it? But providing that internet addicts adhere to rules like those we provided in this article, this modern disease can be conquered effectively. Just make sure you give some thought to using our vital recommendations for overcoming your dependence on the web and you’ll see how easy and fast your life will change!





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