Online Casino Cheats: Are They Possible?

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Just a few decades ago, you would have been required to take a trip to your nearest casino if you fancied a flutter on your favourite table games or slot machines. Nowadays, this is far from the case; with the bulk of gambling activity now taking place online . The significant change within the gambling industry came in 1996, when the very first online casino was launched on the new and hugely intriguing world wide web. Snapping at its heels was the very first video slot, also. We’re not sure anyone could have predicted the impact that the availability of the internet would have on the casino and slots sector; but following these two significant breakthroughs, a huge boom in online gambling was to follow. This transition had another impact for keen gamblers who might not always have been so honest in their gameplay; cheating in casino games online had become pretty much impossible.

Historical Slots Cheats

Prior to the digital age, cheating at casino establishments was a regular occurrence, and it is believed to have continued until as late as the 1990s. The earliest versions of the slot machine were particularly easy to manipulate thanks to their mechanical structure which could be affected by magnets, coins on strings or fake coins, for instance. An infamous fruit machine cheat, Tommy Glen Carmichael, used the fake coin trick to manipulate slots. The metal device that he used resembled a coin, and by inserting it into the coin slot he could trigger payouts without losing real cash. Even newer, electronic slot machines have been cleverly manipulated; an example being when a software programmer abused his position by programming an Atlantic City slot game to pay out following an exact sequence of coins entered into the coin slot. When a huge win was triggered, the employee – who should have been testing the software for bugs - was investigated and disciplined.

Online Casino Slots Cheats

When slots transitioned to their digital form, it suddenly became near enough impossible to manipulate them in order to trigger a jackpot prize. This is because every slot game utilises a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a microchip that generates numbers at random. This ensures that the game is totally fair, and winning is purely down to luck. There is no way for the player to access the slots software in an attempt to manipulate; all they can do is play the game via the online casino, which is essentially a viewing platform. Whilst there are no possible cheats for keen online slots players, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of having a successful slots spree. Take advantage of online casino welcome bonuses, whereby you can grab bonus cash and free spins galore. These can help you to win without risking any – or very little – cash. Research your slot game beforehand and ensure you know the rules, for instance, how to trigger the lucrative bonus feature. Furthermore, it’s worth playing free games to practice your skills.




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