Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (55 PICS)

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“This is what a sunrise during a solar eclipse looks like.”

“An adult ocean sunfish compared to them at birth.”

“Chimp with alopecia reveals a truth usually concealed in fur: Chimps. Are. Ripped.”

“Ants gutted my almond to make their own almond flour.”

“I took a picture of Jupiter (with moons) rising over the mountain forest.”

Izismile Video Collection

“Chichen Itza when it was discovered in 1892 vs. Present-day.”

“800 year old church in Ethiopia carved from a single stone.”

“In 1990, Air Canada took delivery of its first Airbus A320. It was delivered with ear muffs & scarf.”

“A view of the Earth with the middle of the Pacific Ocean as the centre point.”

“Beluga Whales from below look like humans in costumes.”


“Lenticular Clouds!”

“Triple barrel revolver.”

“X-ray scans of a painting of the young Charles II of Spain reveal that the artist painted over an earlier painting when Charles was a few years younger.”

“A tanto I made. Stainless Damascus + resin hybrid with actual mammoth tooth.”

“Lumber Storage like a piece of Art.”

“The Colugo, a small gliding mammal from Southeast Asia, whose closest living relatives are primates.”

“Extremely rare spherical cloud.”

“Lyndon B. Johnson would surprise guests at his Texas ranch by driving them down the hill in his Amphicar, claiming the brakes had gone out. Once it hit the lake, their panic would subside when they realized the car had been designed to function on water.”

“Sky in Rome blanketed with birds.”

“This beautiful Japanese maple tree in Portland, Oregon.”

“Dad recreates kids’ drawings in photoshop.”

“Expanding and narrowing pupils of a cat.”

“Frozen spider web looks like a knitting.”

“A practical method used in Austria to show destroyed monument.”

“The Dragon's Eye Stone Mine in the UK.”

“Decor consists of broken wood and transparent glue!”

“StarBucks In Al Seef, Dubai, UAE.”

“A timeline of Emperor Nero's life through the coins he issued during his reign.”

“This train always stops in exactly the same place, and the air conditioner drips in the same place. A tiny ecosystem is born.”

“Pouring wood.”

“Members of Dutch Resistance celebrate the news of Adolf Hitler's death, April 1945.”

“The Supermoon in a radio telescope.”

“A Group of Samurai stop to visit the Sphinx in Egypt during their travels (circa 1864)”

“This Is a computer made by Inony Case Modding.”

“The €0 denomination issued for the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in a limited edition of 5,000 copies.”

“A cross-section of a commercial airplane.”

“Coins stacked in such a way that they extend over the edge of the table without falling off.”

“Hill of the Buddha, Japan. The surrounding hill is planted with 150,000 lavender plants.”

“Photo of the grand staircase of the Titanic before she sank contrasted with a photo of the staircase from the same angle 100+ years later.”

“Japanese Army uses 3500 Tons of Snow To Create Massive Star Wars Sculpture for Snow Festival.”

“Hubble's new image of Saturn.”

“Same girl, Same bike, 71 years later.”

“The Roman Forum, how it looked then and now.”

“This Huge Dust Storm hit Western Australia in early 2013.”

“Wave-shaped clouds over Kansas.”

“A reindeer eyes turn blue during the winter so they can see low light.”

“Possibly the last blacksmith in the world using water powered machinery, like the huge water hammer in this picture. He is the last of a 5 centuries old dinasty of blacksmiths, and his workshop is unchanged since 230 years ago.”

“One family, 33 generations, have owned and occupied this medieval castle since the 12th century - the Eltz family. Eltz Castle - Germany.”

“This is the reason why we have uninterrupted internet. This is the amount of protection that is used to protect the undersea cable.”

“A Gas Station in Germany (1958)”

“This waterpark built inside a German airship hangar.”

“A lighthouse in Michigan, before and after major ice storm.”

“The first human chess game played in Russia, the Drovcovaya Square, 1924.”

“The way they made the entrance to the building.”

“First ever drawings of the moon made by Galileo Galeili after observing it through his telescope in 1609.”





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