These Hotels Know How To Impress! (20 PICS + 5 GIFS)

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You definitely wouldn’t expect to see this countertop made out of medical waste in a $100,000 a night hotel room.
1 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

A British artist created a unique design for this room in a Las Vegas hotel. Those who are willing to pay $100,000 a night can see a countertop filled with medical waste, sharks “frozen” with formaldehyde, shelves packed with pills, and flooring containing butterflies.


 A nice toilet in a Swiss hotel

2 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

The windows of the German hotel, Obersteinberg , open up to an incredible view of the Alps. It’s possible to reach this hotel only by foot. By the way, the only modern thing in this hut-like hotel is the toilet that you can see in the video above. There’s no electricity here — only candles that create a romantic atmosphere. Mules are the only means of transportation and the cuisine that they serve is traditional. Those who come here will experience complete unity with nature.



The half-graffiti hotel room in Marseille, France

3 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

All the rooms in the hotel called Au Vieux Panier in Marseille are unique. The hotel invited the artists of Pixtil Studio to decorate the walls of the bedrooms and living rooms. And they managed to create an incredible, bold atmosphere.


“Suspended off the side of a cliff over the valley floor, this pod was our home for one night in Peru! Climbed 1,300 feet to this Million Star Hotel to sleep under the stars and hear the river below us. Totally worth it!”

4 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
There are AEROSLEEP hotels in Moscow airports. The capsules look quite futuristic inside.
5 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

Izismile Video Collection

An insane hotel in Switzerland
6 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

Hotel Villa Honegg ” was built at the beginning of the 1900s. It’s located on the mountain Bürgenstock and is a true epitome of comfort with a private cinema, wellness center, and unforgettable views.


“Stayed overnight in Germany on the top of a mountain in an igloo in a hotel called Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze Zugspitzplatt. There’s a bed, mug holders for tea that stay hot for 2 minutes only, and a lovely snow carving on the wall.”
7 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“I was on a vacation in Portugal and booked a room for the laziest of people — you only need to open the door and you’ll instantly find yourself in a dining room.”
8 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

“Stayed in Lisbon in the Hotel Dom Afonso Henriques. Every morning, I would wake up early and lie on the bed, listening for the sounds and voices indicating breakfast had started. Once I heard them, I would get up, get dressed, and go to breakfast.”


“Booked a hotel room in Denmark and discovered a hidden shower stall.”
9 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
The Grand Hyatt hotel in South Korea has a Boeing 787 simulator.
10 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“Stayed in the Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas, USA. Now I know what concrete jungles look like.”
11 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“This is the Icehotel in Sweden. Tonight’s bed is set at 23°F. Any tips for sleeping on ice?”
12 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“So we order dinner in the room. My phone rings and a machine asks me to open the door. Here is what we saw on the doorstep. The robot called the elevator itself to bring the food to the room. This is located in Xiamen, China.”
13 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
The splendid view from the jacuzzi of a hotel in Amsterdam
14 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

Crane Hotel Faralda is located in the center of Amsterdam on the river bank. Its motto is: “What happens in Crane, stays in Crane forever.” All the suites in this hotel (there are only 3 of them) have a jacuzzi, and apparently, very few neighbors.


A room in the underwater hotel in the Maldives
15 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

The aquarium hotel, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island , is located at a depth of 16 feet and is surrounded by coral reefs that are home to over 100 species of marine animals.


“Probably the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever been to, Fukushima, Japan”
16 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

The rooms in the Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso hotel have a splendid view of rice fields and the Ōkawa River.


“We slept in an 800-year-old castle surrounded by a breathtaking garden and had a breakfast of the Gods. Gratitude that speaks? Merci, Chateau de Bagnols.”
17 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“The magical hotel, Montana Magica Lodge, is located in the mountains of Chile. It looks like a fairy tale. The room is amazing.”
18 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“Our home for the night at Free Spirit Spheres”
19 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

This hotel is located in Canada on Vancouver Island. It only has 3 rooms that are actually 3 wooden spheres hanging on trees.


“Day 3: After 6,500 feet of ascending, we almost reached the hotel! Exceptional experience! The goal is almost there!”
20 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

Refuge Du Gouter is located at an altitude of 12,582 feet on Mont Blanc in France. Only the strongest can get here. Winds of 180 mph periodically blow around the hotel and the temperatures rarely exceed 32°F.


The elevator in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin passes through an aquarium.

21 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

A hotel in Tokyo has a reception desk that is run by robot dinosaurs.

22 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
Just imagine what it’s like to wake up and see this fabulous scene.
23 These Hotels Know How To Impress!

The Fifth Season Hotel is located in Juta City, Georgia.


“I was celebrating my birthday in Amsterdam. The hotel employees asked me what they should write on my BD postcard. I asked them to draw a cat. And they did. The cat is as amazing as the city itself.”
24 These Hotels Know How To Impress!
“This was my room in a train wagon. It’s one of the most unique places I’ve ever stayed at.”
25 These Hotels Know How To Impress!






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