Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves (17 GIFS)

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1 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves
2 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"In 2010, I found out my fiancé had been having an affair with our neighbor (for the past six months), 2 weeks before our wedding. His best man broke down and told me.

For 8 years, I have been giving creepy dudes my ex’s phone number instead of mine. His sister always texts me his new phone number when he changes it. She also sends photos and video of him losing his mind angry when he gets a call from a dude looking for a hookup.

His sister is the real MVP here, though."




3 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"I loosened the seams in all his pants and shorts so that as soon as he sat they’d rip open on him. It’s been 10 years and that still makes me laugh"




4 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"He repeatedly cheated on me with multiple women so I had my pregnant roommate piss on a test and then just dropped it at his front door. No note, no way to know who it came from. The panic was real."




5 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"I waited until fifteen minutes before the new season of game of thrones started to change the password on my hbo account that I knew he was still using."




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6 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"The Ex cheated on me after 12 years with someone he met at work. When that went sour he lost his job and ended up falling behind on his car payment.

The repo company had my place as his last known address, so when they showed up here looking for the car I invited them in, used Facebook to get them as much info on The Ex and New Girlfriend as possible, gave them his parent’s address and sent them on their way with a smile."


7 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"After the bro I was dating gave me the silent treatment for a week (while we lived together) and then I found out he was cheating on me, I hid all his protein powder in his dirty laundry. He called the cops about three weeks later, who then showed up at my house asking about stolen protein powder.

I informed them that no it wasn’t stolen and if he had done his laundry in the last three weeks he would have found it. One cop looked annoyed, but the other one burst out laughing. Wish I could have seen my ex’s face when the cops informed him he needed to do his laundry!"




8 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"He always spoke about how he hated his dad for cheating & lying to his mom, so when I find out he cheated on me with multiple women I went to his apartment and found a photo of us on his bedside table & wrote “Just like your daddy” on it.

I also took all his toilet paper & hand soap because even though he was the 25 year old man with a job & I was a 19 year old college student he apparently couldn’t buy his own [email protected]#t & I had to buy it for him. So technically it was mine."




9 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"I let my ex keep our cat we got together (after he begged me) only to have him call me a month later saying he didn’t want the cat anymore. When I went to get the cat from our old house, I found that my ex hadn’t cleaned the cat litter since before I moved out! I was mostly mad for the kittens sake. Honestly I doubt my ex took care of him at all.

A fight broke out after he refused to clean the litter up so I ended up dumping the whole litter box right on his living room floor. Then I stormed out with the litter box in one arm and the cat in the other.

Side note – Kitten is 6 now. Found out my ex and his friends were awful to the poor little guy so I’m glad I took him when I did"




10 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"My husband of 24 years was cheating on me. I figured it out about 2 months after it really started, but he kept the identity of the other woman a secret. A few weeks before our divorce, I decided I needed to know why it was such a mystery so I did some investigating.

Turns out it was a co-worker who was also married…. so I went to their house and knocked on the door and told her husband. My ex had the nerve to call me and accuse me of ruining peoples lives."




11 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"My ex was super into the drift scene and loved cool cars but he was always super broke. He broke up with me on Christmas Day by gifting me a pair of socks and telling me it wasn’t working out after I had bought him a ton of nice Christmas gifts.

The next week I took all my hard earned money I was saving up to by myself a new car and bought the exact one he talked about constantly but was too broke to buy himself. Made sure he saw it by driving through the parking garage he was working at as the ticket guy and it felt [email protected]#king good to see his face as he handed me that ticket."




12 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"He got another girl pregnant, so of course I broke up with him and demanded he return all of my things, including anything I bought him. He asked for some money he had given me back. Instead I got on my computer and printed out “@$$hole dollars”. I printed and cut them out and put them in a sealed envelope. He didn’t realize until he got in the cab to go back home he had fake money. And no I never gave him back his real money."




13 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"I logged into his Pokemon Go account and deleted his whole box.

I made a new account just for this."




14 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"A long time ago my ex cheated on me with a friend. So I went on Craigslist and put an ad up for cheap tickets to 98 degrees, who were coming to town. I put my ex’s phone number on it and asked for people to call from 10pm on, because I “worked 3rd [email protected]#t”

I’ve grown up a but since then, but I still think it’s funny."




15 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"After a messy breakup, my ex kept harassing me at home and at school by shouting awful things at me. I asked him to stop but he refused because it was “too fun.” So, in the spirit of “fun,” I posted a shirtless picture of him (which he posted on social media right after our breakup as another way to psychologically torment me) and his phone number on Craigslist’s men-seeking-men page. The headline? “Young guy looking for fun.”

Not only did he have to change his phone number, but he also never bothered me again."




16 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"After finding out my then boyfriend of 2 years had cheated on me with multiple girls I was devastated. Without a blink I printed off 53 copies of his penis (from pictures he had sent me) and hid then around his house hiding them in boxes of Christmas decorations, under his mother’s pillow, inside of his fathers pill bottle. Just about anywhere I knew his youngest sister couldn’t get into. I was 16 and full of rage.

Considering that his mother and father enabled the behavior of their son and called me for months after to forgive him because “it’s in the past”, I don’t regret a thing."




17 Women Share Their Worst Post-Breakup Moves

"One of my old friend’s exes unexpectedly dumped her while they were sharing an apartment and a job she had landed him. They spent a few weeks living together broken up, and he wasted no time going on new dates.

My friend decided to rename the petty game. She began by cutting his sneaker laces slightly shorter and recapping them so that they seemed to have shrank. One morning, she hid all of his socks while he was running late for work. He became increasingly frustrated while searching the apartment, so she sent him to check the dryer while she placed ALL of his socks in the middle of the hamper he’d been checking for the past 20 mins. Needless to say he was dumbfounded when he found them later.

Perhaps the most lethal troll was about two weeks after they’d broken up when she added Chardonnay to his dirty bong prior to him returning from his date. He immediately plopped down on the couch and took a huge rip when he got home and she just watched like an absolute savage as he repeatedly hit the bong, utterly confused as to why it was roasting his lungs."





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