This Is Not How You Use Microwave! (47 PICS)

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"Yesterday This Guy Put Ghost Pepper Popcorn In Our Industrial Microwave At Work For Over 5 Minutes. The Office Was Filled With Black Smoke Burning People's Eyes"

"No-one could breathe. He basically maced the building. We were moved to the other end so we could keep working"


"My Mom Microwaved Some Birdseed To Disinfect It Before Putting It In A Beanbag And Accidentally Made Tiny Popcorn"

"My Friend Opened Their Microwave And Couldn't Figure Out What This Was. It Was A Forgotten Slice Of Pizza"

"He Forgot To Put Water In His Cup O Noodles"

"I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees

Izismile Video Collection

"Why Would You Even Want To Heat Cheetos?"

"So Heard It Was Fine Putting Your Phone In The Microwave To Charge It. My Charger Broke Yesterday, My Battery Was Pretty Low So Thought I'd Give It A Go... This Happened"

"This Is What Happens When You Microwave Mcdonalds Fries For 30 Minutes (Instead Of 30 Seconds)"

"When I Was 3-Years-Old I Decided To Put My Dad's Brand New Cellphone In The Microwave"

"He didn’t understand what I meant by “phone hot, daddy! Phone hot! ” until he walked into the kitchen and saw it full of smoke. 17 years later, he still has it and refuses to let me live it down"


"My Daughter Took It Upon Herself To Microwave Some Syrup For Her Waffles... For 5 Minutes"


"I Have No Idea How This Happened. Cup Took Considerable Force To Get Back Down"

"$5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It"

"My Friend's Husband Thought He Could Microwave His Shirt To Dry It Faster"

"A Guest Put It In The Hotel Microwave To Give It "A Quick Charge." Fire Alarm Followed"

"What Happens If You Microwave A Spoon"

"Wife: “Are You Sure That Jalapeño Dip Container Is Microwaveable?” Me, An Intellectual: “Of Course It Is.” Jalapeño Dip Container:"

"This Is What Happens When You Tell Your Kid To Make His Own Snack. So He Microwaves An Egg For 11 Minutes"

"I Tried To Microwave A Sandwich And There Is A Big Difference Between 4 And 5 Minutes"

"Tomato Soup Disaster"

"Left My Fork In The Microwave Today"

"Hope, This Helped"

"A Friend's Client Paid Him In Cash. He Put The Cash In The Microwave To Kill Traces Of Coronavirus"

"Someone Brought These Bills To The Bank They Tried To Sanitize In A Microwave"

"Life Pro Tip: Even If Your Boiled Egg Is A Bit Underdone, Don't Put It In The Microwave"

"Just Going To Heat Up Some Coffee In The Microwave. Tried To Grab It. Tried To Pour It. What The. Well Damn"

"My Mom Set The Microwave For 75 Mins And Not 75 Secs"

"If You Were Wondering What Happens When You Put Foil In The Microwave"

"Cooking Everyone Breakfast When The Glass From The Microwave Door Unexpectedly Fell Out"

"Brownie Out Of A Cup - Level: Hiroshima"

"My Friend's Kids Decided To Microwave Crayola Markers"

"My High Brain Learned That Bowls Get Hot In The Microwave"

"Forgot To Add Water To My Microwave Mac N Cheese"

"Goodbye Everyone. It's Been Good Knowing You"

"Another Case Of Someone Microwaving Money To "Sanitize It""

"I work at a bank. We are still open through the drive up. Someone literally microwaved their money to "Sanitize it" and sent it to us to deposit into their account....I can't. They said "I'm sure some of it isn't usable but whatever you can deposit into my account, please do.""


"Attempted One Of Those Microwave Mug Cakes. Looks, Uh, Less Than Appetizing"

"So I Guess It's Not Microwave Safe. Veggies Were Still Good Though"

"Last Night’s Dinner Started Out With A Bang, But I Cleaned It Up Bought Another Squash And Tried Again"

"My Little Sister Accidentally Microwaved A Bagel For Ten Minutes"

"Learned The Hard Way About Attempting To Microwave Quinoa. Let’s Just Say We’re No Longer Friends"

"So, Apparently You Shouldn't Microwave Spaghetti Squash"

"I Made A Mug-Cake. I’m 27"

"Chocolate, Metal Top, Microwave"

"Making Soup In The Microwave"

"Cooking Fail. Thought I Hit Microwave. Hit Oven Instead"

"My Mom Works At The Bank, Today An Elderly Couple Gave Her Microwaved Money, Thinking It Will Clean It From Coronavirus"

"I Tried To Make Rice In The Microwave And My Plastic Container Melted"

"Went To Replace Microwave, It Fell On Our Stove"





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