Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling (6 PICS)

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Many Hollywood celebs, directors, actors, models, and even musicians love casino gambling. Celebs are known to have exotic hobbies – some of them have a yacht, many own a stable, while somebody like Brad Pitt busies himself with pottery when he has time. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, likes to do knitting.


It’s no surprise that many of them will love gambling. In fact, casino gambling has become so popular that many celebrities have taken it up as a second profession.


George Clooney

1 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

Clooney is so much into gambling that he once even tried to start one. Clooney invested a lot of money in Las Ramblas of Las Vegas. But sadly, the project did not come up.

Brad Pitt

2 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

Brad Pitt fell in love with casino gaming during the famous Ocean’s 11 movie was being filmed. In fact, he got so involved that Pitt was seen playing card games and slot machines even between the filming sessions. The filming soon came to an end, but his passion remained.

Charlie Sheen

3 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

Charlie has fantastic comic timing. He is big time into gambling as well. Denise Richards, his former wife, says Charlie used to spend $20,000 a week on casino and horse betting. Of course, he has a lot of money to spend. Sheen made $1.8 million for each episode. His net worth is valued at several millions of dollars. We cannot blame him as there are so many great casino websites to choose from. Visit Mr. Bet and see the range of games on offer.

Gladys Knight

4 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

Gladys Knight, the American singer, is seen often playing at Las Vegas and other places. She has won a lot of money too in casinos. Once, Gladys won 60,000 playing blackjack, but lost the money quickly, only to win back 45,000 playing baccarat.


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Ben Affleck

5 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

The Academy Award-winning director, actor, and screenwriter has been immensely successful. Ben is also a keen blackjack and online poker player. He is so good at it that Ben has also been the state poker champion of California for 2014. However, blackjack was his favorite. Here too, he was so good that a casino in Las Vegas had to ban him from playing in 2014. Apparently, he was winning too much money. Follow this link to play blackjack, online poker, and other casino games.

Pamela Anderson

6 Celebs Who Like Casino Gambling

Many female celebrities are also in love with gambling. Like, Pamela Anderson, for instance. The glamor model and former star of Baywatch too loves poker and slots. Many believe her marriage to Rick Salomon was an affair of convenience. Rick settled her $250,000 poker debt that she owed to a casino in Vegas.


Many other celebrities too like Matt Damon, the basketball star Charles Barkley, the Emmy winner Ray Romano, Tobby Maguire, Derren Brown, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Tilly are into casino gaming. Jennifer Tilly is, in fact, semi-professionally into poker.


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