How Well Online Dating Works, According To Someone Who Has Been Studying It For Years

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Online dating has made it easy for people to connect at different levels. Surprisingly, a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences found that people are meeting romantic partners online more often. A few decades ago, that was not the case as most couples met through family and friends. Meeting a potential partner through social gatherings, neighbourhoods, and churches has been on the decline since 1940.

How Well Online Dating Works, According To Someone Who Has Been Studying It For Years


Online Dating Theories

According to Michael Rosenfeld, a sociologist who dedicates a lot of his time to online dating, there are many bad theories about online dating. However, most of them are unfounded. Rosenfeld has studied the online interactions of about 3,000 people. He has found out that dating apps are playing a massive role in bringing couples together. What's astonishing about his studies is that at least one in every four couples usually meet online. As such, online dating apps have more potential for matchmaking than most people think. Online dating is undoubtedly more convenient and effective than traditional dating.

If you are also looking to find a partner you can rely on online apps and websites. You can view this page for some of the top dating apps. Making your own profile will be easy since you only have to sign up and create a captivating description of yourself and within no time you will have connected with some of the people who meet your desired attributes.

How People Date Today

Today, the dating arena is much different from what it was decades ago. The age of marrying has changed. In the past, people could marry in their 20's. Most dating back then was done with the intention of marrying. That has since changed. People now endeavour to marry late in their 20’s or even 30’s.

The Rise of Phone Apps

The rise of phone apps has tremendously changed the dating game. People can now interact with more potential partners online. This is not easy to do when you are relying on traditional dating methods. Moreover, people are more specific concerning the type of person they want to date on these apps. Finding casual hook-ups is also much more straightforward. Not every meeting leads to marriage. People can mutually agree to have fun for a while and part ways.

Why People Are Still Sceptical About Online Dating

As more people warm up to online dating, some are sceptical about it. Most of them worry that having too many options is detrimental and picking one out of five potential partners is challenging. It is like walking into a store that stocks a variety of goods. In such circumstances, there is a chance that the shopper will be overwhelmed by the many options.

Nonetheless, the belief that there are repercussions of finding a partner online is false. Couples are meeting online, settling down, and having an incredible relationship or marriage. Research shows that people who are meeting online have more successful relationships. Besides, once you get in a relationship with someone, how you meet becomes irrelevant. There is something for everyone online. There are apps predominantly dedicated to hook-ups while others focus on pairing soulmates.

Online dating is quickly becoming the new reality. More people are finding their partners online and this trend does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon.





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