Business Travel Tips

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Business Travel Tips


1. Check On Your Visa


You should check on your visa well before you go on your business trip. It is not a hack - it is very important to remember to do this. You definitely don't want to discover that your visa has expired after you are already at the airport. This might be the worst-case scenario, but it does happen.  I actually know someone who had that happen to them. You don't want to be next.

2. Pack Like a Professional


You need to take care of first things first. In terms of traveling, everything both bad and good begins with the decisions you make when packing for your trip. Most important of all - don't put everything in your check-in luggage. Just in case your luggage is mishandled by the ground service, your carry on bag should serve as your "survival kit." You just need to have your toiletries, one day's worth of clothes, and extra underwear. The best option of all is to avoid needing to check-in a suitcase. Whenever you can - keep all of your items with you.

3. Loyalty Can Definitely Pay Off


If you only travel one a business trip one time per year, then this might not be the best advice for you. However, if you will be traveling on a plane once a month at least, then, in my opinion, the following is mandatory. You need to sign up with the loyalty programs of the various airlines that you fly with, the car rentals that you rent cars with, and the hotels that you stay at.


Why is this so important? You receive benefits from doing so. As a hotel's loyal guest, you will get a bigger room compared to what regular guests get. If you are a premium member of the loyalty program of an airline, you will be given access to their business lounge. While you are waiting for your flight you can drink something, eat, and rest.

4. Tips For Business Flights


How will you be getting to your business destination? You will probably be taking a flight. It is the fastest way that you can cross a couple of time zones. However, on the other hand, you could end up having a very difficult flight if you are unlucky. Use the following tips to avoid these kinds of scenarios.


Whenever you are booking your flights, make sure to allow a sufficient amount of time for layovers - particularly in countries that have immigration processes. You might be asked to have your luggage checked in once again. Twenty-five to thirty minutes should be enough time for you to get through the entire process. If you will be taking a long-haul flight, don't wear a suit.  After going on business trips for a few years, my colleagues and I used to say you could recognize who the frequent travelers were. They were the ones wearing comfortable clothes, sneakers, and hoodies. The hoodie is an absolute must - it helps to protect your head against excessive air conditioning.


Hacks for Business Travel - wear comfortable shoes

Dress comfortably for long-haul flights.

5. Airport Security Check - Business Travel Hacks


The following are some useful hacks that can be applied to help you get through the airport security checks faster.


Always choose the right line - this means you should try to avoid the lines that have a lot of families with children and older people, particularly those that have people who look like they are traveling on vacation. Look for a line that has men in it with small carry-on bags and laptop bags. 


Most people head for the security booths on the right-hand side. Try going to those that are on the left since there might be fewer people in these lines. 


Get prepared ahead of time. Empty out your pockets and take off your watch and belt. Make sure you didn't forget about a drink or bottle of water ( that may result in your bag having to be scanned by the x-ray a second time after the bottle is taken out of your bag.


Place your toiletries inside a plastic bag.


If you are carrying a power bank, make sure it has the right markings (non-stickers printed).





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