Understanding The Basics Of YouTube Videos

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Understanding The Basics Of YouTube Videos


Choosing The Best YouTube Video Title


First and foremost, your video title must be useful for natural referencing. The video for your YouTube video must also represent something that we wish to see and can easily remember,


Let's take a deep dive into learning what makes a compelling YouTube title and how we can create the best one every single time.

First, let's keep those titles short and sweet!


Try to add the year if it is relevant, Best Toaster For 2020.


Use the most important keywords directly at the beginning of a title.


Add at least one "Power" word in your title such as Amazing, Fantastic, Best.


Additionally, you will want to use words to convey an emotion such as Censored, Raging, or Unbelievable.

Never Underestimate YouTube Video Tags


One of the most common mistakes that YouTubers make is the misuse of tags.


Below are a few tips on getting the most mileage for tags.


Always use your name or the name of the channel as a tag. Tags are going to bring your videos up much more in the suggested videos.


Additionally, always include your main keyword as a tag.


Type your keyword in the YouTube search bar to list the most relevant variations of your keyword to include as tags.


Look at other videos that rank high and are similar to your topic for a general overview of popular tags you may want to "steal."

The Importance Of Thumbnails


By having the right types of thumbnails, allows your channel the ability to get recognized quickly.


Let's examine the proper use and techniques of unique thumbnails.


One of the most important aspects is to create the right size of 1289px x 720 px.


Always ensure that you create thumbnails in the proper format of .JPG, .PNG or as a .BMP. However, always keep in mind that there is a limit to the size of your image file.


There are a few methods in which you can easily do to help make your channel look more prominent and legitimate.


Create a short video intro that will help set the overall mood of your channel and allow people to settle in.


Likewise, create a similar ending to each video that reflects the video intro. Many usually use this moment to ask views to like and subscribe to the channel.

Share Videos On Social Media Platforms


Always make sure that new videos are shared to social media sites as soon as possible. Visit The Marketing Heaven to boost your views and shares. Sharing helps to get the ball rolling, and if the video resonates with your target audience, they will continue to share.


When you are sharing your videos, always try to aim for the same time to allow your fans to get addicted to your content, and they will wait patiently for new uploads.




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