Top 7 Casino movies you have to watch in 2020

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Top 7 Casino movies you have to watch in 2020


Holla. These past few months is not the best social wise. The COVID-19 pandemic happened; the world is in between survival and retrogression. Let’s for a moment, forget about the sad stories and focus on the Casino world.

The Casino is a gambling facility. The industry is perhaps one of the few industries in the world not to be on a pathway to financial decline. Why? It has long moved digital. The Casino is significantly influencing the plot in the movie industry. Films like Ocean’s 11, The Hangover Party and James Bond had their plot influenced by Casinos.

Before diving deep into the pie of this post, there is something I notice about casino movies. We don’t get to see the actors browsing through sites to find the best casino bonus without deposit. I pray someone in Hollywood sees this and grant me my prayer.

Amid the pandemic, here are seven of the best casino movies for you to watch. Trust me; you will enjoy watching them.

1. Casino Royale (2006)

This movie is my best Casino movie of all-time. I am sure it will steal your heart too. If you are a James Bond 007 fan and you haven’t watched this, what type of fan are you? Really? The movie is, without doubt, the most popular and exciting movie of the 007 series. Spoiler alert, all the films in the 007 series are intriguing.

Casino Royale (2006) is an adaption of the 1973 movie with the same title. The primary author is James Bond, acted by Daniel Craig. In the film, Bond plays the role of a secret agent on a mission to stop Le Chiffre, the banker of the evil guys from winning at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Bond has to devise a means to stop him from winning the Poker tournament at the Casino. If he stops him, the criminal organizations he works for will crumble.

2. The Hangover (2009)

If the Casino Royale movie sounds too violent for you, this one is just right. It is the best Casino comedy I have ever watched. The film talks about a bachelor party gone wrong in Las Vegas. Three friends wake up to find out their groom friend is missing, and a tiger is sitting in the bedroom. Expect crazy and funny scenes in this Casino movie.

3. Casino (1995)

This movie is responsible for the idea of Las Vegas as a city with a glamorous lifestyle. Sam “Ace” Rothstein is an ex-gagster working as a manager for a top Casino in Vegas. His past soon came back to him when he meets his old friend. Joe, a mafia underboss asks him for help, he tries to play by the rules, but others do not. The FBI and other vested interests attempt to stop their operations. The movie is highly exciting.

4. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This movie features one of the biggest Las Vegas Casino heists in film history. Ocean, a pro thief, assembles a team of con-artistes to rob three of the best Casinos in Las Vegas, all owned by his rival Terry Benedict. Will his team be able to steal the worth of 150 million dollars? Find out in the movie. Ocean 11 is not your average thriller. It packs a punch, successfully combining action and comedy.

5. The Gambler (2014)

It is about a man (the Gambler) bets in a private gambler’s den owned by a mob from Korea. The Gambler owes the Korean mob more than he can afford. His family are wealthy and own several banks, but the refuses help from them, wanting to ascertain his independence. The movie is a unique Casino movie with excellent casino cinematography. Enjoy exciting actions from casino boards. It is fun to watch and teaches about Casinos.

6. Win it All (2017)

The movie shows a peek preview into the life of a gambling addict. Eddie is a gambling addict who agrees to guard a bag for an imprisoned friend. He gambles the money in the money in the bag worth over $21000 in a Casino. He loses all the money, and his friend gets released early. It is a great movie showing the temptations that come with an undisciplined gambling culture.

7. Molly’s Game (2017)

This famous Hollywood Casino movie is based on a true-life event of Molly Bloom. She ran one of the most private poker high-rollers game. She went on for over a decade before she got arrested by a team of 17 FBI agents. Her network of players includes Hollywood stars, the elite Russian mob and wealthy business owners. The movie is exciting, contains entertaining scenes and an image of powerful females.


What are you still waiting for? Get on the internet and download these seven entertaining Casino movies for your viewing pleasure.




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