6 Ways To Use A Plagiarism Checker You Could Never Even Think About

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Who has not heard of plagiarism? Poor students, they have to worry about it all the time. Probably those of you who didn’t have to deal with it are wondering why on Earth someone may need to check something with a plagiarism checker unless they have a paper or a dissertation chapter due. We are here to show you some of the surprising ways to use a plagiarism checker. But let’s look at some theory first.

A bit of theory

The act of portraying another person's thoughts, ideas, expressions as one's original work is termed plagiarism. While it is a condemnable act on its own, it is also considered fraud or cheating when you pass others' work as your own without acknowledging them. There are rules and laws to protect the right of the writer and author. So, one must be very careful while writing and check papers for plagiarism before submitting them to their academic institutions. It is best to use a plagiarism detector before submitting or publishing any documents.

Plagiarism detector is an essential tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, professors, writers, and editors. The use of online plagiarism checkers has been increasing over the years as the technologies and copyright laws evolve. You can find the similarities in the text and ensure that the document is original by using an online plagiarism checker by Essayontime.com.au. It also helps you make sure that no part of the document is copied from other's work. But can you use a plagiarism checker if you are not a student? Of course, you can and here are some ideas when this tool will come in handy for you.

Check lyrics

Did you know that music copyright is an issue that has caused the biggest number of lawsuits around the world? Or maybe did you have a hunch from time to time like the new song you’ve found reminds you of a long-forgotten music you used to listen to as a child? Now you can test out your intuition and find lyrics similar to any song. Besides that, by checking lyrics with a plagiarism checker you can find rhymes for your poetry class or songs similar to the one you like. It’s just that simple.

Check autobiography

Have you ever tried to find a person with the same name as you have on Facebook or LinkedIn? Well, now you can find a person who also had a German shepherd as a child or twisted their ankle while prom dancing. A reliable plagiarism checker is able to scan thousands of web pages within seconds and find your twin. Or cousin. Or just a person with similar experiences somewhere in Australia or Chile. It’s fun to feel related to people that are so far away from you but it also gives you this feeling of connection.

Check your diary

Speaking of connection. Have you ever felt like the whole world is against you? Like nobody knows what you are going through at the moment and nobody can understand. But you are never alone. If you keep the diary, run your entry through a plagiarism checker and find similar pieces of writing from LiveJournal, Tweeter and many other networks. Of course, the stories are all different but may have a lot in common. Plus, nobody stops you from contacting the author and sharing your experience. This kind of communication can be very therapeutic and soothing for anyone and you can make good friends once you find out how much in common you have. Besides, it will surely be a funny story to tell others that you’ve met a friend over plagiarism checker. No Tinder, guys. Only educational resources.

Use plagiarism checker instead of database

The more papers you check, the more information this tool and you have about yourself. This can be a great basis for analysing your own writing. Are there phrases you keep repeating in every essay? Is there some information you looked up but couldn’t paraphrase? Moreover, such exercises will help you look up words and synonyms in dictionaries and thesauruses, which will influence your language and communication skills as well.

Check your grocery shopping list

In case you are tired from your regular diet and want to bring new flavours into your routine, you can apply plagiarism checker to your shopping list. Thanks to the fact that every recipe features a list of ingredients  you have high chances of finding new and unusual recipes to diversify your diet.

Check assignments

Isn’t it obvious, you would say. Well, it depends on whose assignments you are to check. The primary purpose of using a plagiarism checker is for students to check their assignments before submission. If you are not a student, you can randomly check articles from newspapers and blogs to see how unique they are. Besides, if you have children of your own, using a plagiarism checker for their school tasks will be very cautious of you as a parent. 

Plagiarism checker is one of the most essential and in-demand tools for students as well as it may be a fun instrument to use for any other person. As such, a plagiarism checker for students can be used in school and to check one's diploma dissertation or thesis and other creative writers, publishing houses and editors.




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