Did You Know About These “The Office” Easter Eggs? (29 PICS)

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Pam Is Using The Teapot Jim Gave Her For The Finer Things Club Two Seasons Later

Creed Wears A Tie, Jacket, And Sweatpants In One Episode, And Nobody Seems To Notice

Michael Introduces Pam To The Office's Replacement Receptionist, Ronnie, Via Video Chat, Explaining That Ronnie Is Unable To Find "Those Little Colored Paper Clips" He Likes So Much. Jim And Pam's License Plate, Chd-0032, Is The Model Number For Those Clips Michael Likes. (If You Google The Plate Number, They Come Up.)

Jim Signs Meredith's Pelvis Cast "John Krasinski"

Stanley's New Year's Resolution Was "To Be A Better Husband And Boyfriend."

Izismile Videos

In Every Episode With The Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael Has A New Fish In His Bowl — He Probably Wasn't Very Good At Taking Care Of Them

The Dunder Mifflin Employee Newsletter Wasn't *exactly* Real

Phyllis And Bob's Wedding Cake Topper Had A Little Refrigerator On It — And They Had A Cake Made To Look Like A Refrigerator, Too!

Oscar Is Drinking From A Prop Wine Bottle

When Jan Made Michael Sign The Relationship Waiver, He Comments On His Plans To Get It Framed. In Season 4, Episode 12, We See That He Actually Did


It Turns Out There Might Be A Real Reason Pam Doesn't Want The Camera Crew To Call Her "Pammy."

Gabe Is So Tall That He Had To Stitch Two Skeleton Costumes Together For Halloween

Kevin's Desk Area Had An Important Little Reminder Fixed To The Wall

Pam's Insistence That She Doesn't Want To Marry Roy On The Booze Cruise Ends Up Coming Full Circle At Her Wedding To Jim

Jim's Last Name Was Spelt Wrong At His Own Wedding


Michael Tried To Sell His Broken TV At The Warehouse Sale

John Krasinski Shot The Opening Scranton Footage

Under Dwight's Management Hierarchy, Creed's Name Is In Quotation Marks, Hinting That Creed Might Be Using A Fake Name

During The Second Season's 12th Episode, Michael Scott Ends Up Injuring His Foot After Stepping On His George Foreman Grill, Which He Leaves Next To His Bed. Two Seasons Later, When Michael And Jan Invite Everyone Over For A Dinner Party, Michael Takes Jim And Pam Upstairs To Show Them The Rest Of The House. In His Bedroom, If You Look Closely, The George Foreman Grill Is Sitting Nicely On A Tiny Table Next To His Tiny Bed

Andy's Call Of Duty Username Is "Here Comes Treble."


Jim And Pam Must've *finally* Gotten That Clown Off The Wall

Creed Has A Copy Of His Mugshot Hanging On His Desk Wall

The Michael Scott Paper Company Had Clocks For Time Zones All Around The World, And Apparently Michael Thinks "USA" Is A Singular Time Zone

In The Dundies Episode From The Second Season, Michael Mentions That He Ran Out Of Businessman Trophies. We Later See That Kevin's "Don't Go In There After Me" Award Is A Squatting Man

David Wallace *also* Has A World's Best Boss Mug


Jim's Title In Stamford Was "Assistant Regional Manager"

While Playing Connect 4, Toby Is Setting Michael Up To Win The Game And Get Him Feeling Good About Himself

After Having His Corporate Credit Card Taken Away From Him For Spending $80 At A Magic Shop, Which He Argues Was Used To Entertain Potential Clients, He Talks To The Camera Crew About It And Is Actually Wearing A Fake Thumb Used By Magicians The Entire Interview

Michael Uses His Own Brand Of Salad Dressing

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