How you can analyze the odds before placing a bet?

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Many bettors have the same question. How we can analyze the odds or chances of making a correct bet. Some of you will say that there is no way to do that. Others will say there are countless methods. The truth is in the middle. Yes, you can use various methods and significantly increase odds for winning, but none of the methods is 100% safe and reliable. Anyway, it is better to use them than to ignore them. Better odds for winning are always appealing.

How you can analyze the odds before placing a bet?


Use statistics

Betting is very popular across the world and especially in Europe. You may know that in the United Kingdom, around 47% of bettors place bets on football only. This is followed by horse races (27.3%) and other sports. That’s why we are going to use football as an example, but these points apply to all other sports equally.

The first thing you need to do is to use statistics. Each team comes with various statistical data. Here you can see their success, winnings, losses, strengths and so much more. Incorporate those into your bet. As some of you will claim, this means that you get an advantage when placing a bet relying on statistics. In other words, the probability of winning will be increased. Keep in mind that statistics used must be accurate, latest and must provide as many details as possible. Avoid partial or obsolete statistical data. It won’t do you any good.

Check out the previous success

This is probably the most important and most effective method. Always look at the previous results. For example, bettors had a situation in which FC Bayern won 15 matches versus SC Freiburg in 2019. All of those were played at the home stadium of FC Bayern. But, what does this mean?

It means that FC Bayern has significantly higher odds for the next match that will be played on their home stadium. Although we gave you an obsolete example, it applies to all sports and all matches in general.

Simply said, this means that you need to look at the winnings and losses of a particular team in the past. If they have been losing for the last 6 months, odds are low that they will win the next match. Pay close attention to changes and improvements a team has. If they have new players, they may be able to reverse the outcome. In this case, scenario, look at players that are new to the team and other improvements that are made.

Check out for the injuries

This is an additional method that literally applies to all sports. If a player or players or a horse (in the case of horse races) was injured, it is common that the injury is still present, partially. Many players don’t have enough time to recover completely. Others don’t want to wait and third have severe injuries that will manifest once again when in a match. Football injuries are common and there are several types with different consequences. Of course, this method cannot predict when an injury will happen. But, it can help you get more data for the next match.

In addition, this method can be used for all sports and at all betting sites. Keep in mind that some of them are on Gamstop, an organization that helps people get help with corresponding addiction. The best examples are 888 Sport, Mansion Bet, and Hopa. On the other hand, we have betting sites that are not on Gamstop. Some of them are Fortune Clock, Crazy Star Sportsbook, and 24Monaco Sportsbook. These sites have a lot to offer and you can want to cancel Gamstop there are some options collected for you.


All you need to remember is that as a bettor you have the ability to analyze the data and increase your odds for winning. There are several methods you can use and all of them are listed above. Use them in combination in order to get the most accurate predictions. There is no 100% guaranteed to win in this case scenario, but you can significantly increase your chances in a simple and appealing way.




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