Pet Names for Babies

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Pet Names for  Babies


From the beginning of humankind, names have been a critical element for identification. If you hear any name, you can guess the religion, ethnicity, and country from which that person belongs. The names provide a unique identity to every individual on this planet and hold much unseeable information.

This article will spotlight the difference between nicknames and pet names. We will discuss some common mistakes while picking the pet names for boys and girls.

Difference Between Nickname and Pet Name

A lot of people confuse the nickname with the pet name. However, both are not the same, and there is a considerable difference between them. Anyone in your social circle can use a nickname, whereas a specific person uses the pet name. For instance, if your name is Ramesh, Ram can be your nickname, which anyone can use.

However, "Honey" will be your pet name, which can be used only by your wife or girlfriend. So, you have much clarity regarding the pet name and nickname.

Pet Name for Babies

Pet names like "Honey" and "Darling" are meant to be for adults; however, pet names for boys and girls should be different and suitable for their age. Many people unconsciously select the pet names for their young ones, which are embarrassing and humiliating later in life.

Kids are more prone to humiliation than adults, which can have drastic effects on their grooming and personality. If you unknowingly pick a shameful pet name for them, it might cause mental disturbance and affect their personality. Therefore, you must choose the pet name carefully to avoid such problems.

I have jotted down a few guidelines you must follow to pick a perfect pet name for your baby.

Respect Your Culture

The pet name should do justice to your culture. The pet names of boys and girls should be socially acceptable. People sometimes make the mistake of giving pet names that are socially awkward and do not even fit into that particular society's culture. This can be embarrassing for your kids. Therefore, you must take care of cultural boundaries.

The name should not sound similar to something shameful in your culture. So, it would help if you put a few hours to analyze the name. You can ask your colleagues and family members, whether the name sounds awkward or socially acceptable. You can get instant feedback through it.

Check the Meanings

Some pet names might sound very cool and attractive, but you would be surprised at how shameful it is if you check the actual meanings. Therefore, before choosing any pet name, always do a bit of research to get the name's exact meaning. It will help you to select the right name according to the personality of your kid.

You will also feel confident if anyone asks you the meaning of your young one's pet name.

Consider Time Relevancy

The pet name or name of your baby should withstand the latest trends. It would help if you avoided the pet names of boys and girls that are not relevant anymore. There is a lot of online resources that can guide you to prevent irrelevant names. There are many other ways to check the relevancy of the names by interacting with other parents.

Keep it Simple

Do not over exaggerate the pet name and try to keep it simple. The simpler the name, the better it will be. As a parent, I understand that you will try to get the unique pet names for boys and girls. However, in trying to get that uniqueness, you can make some severe mistakes. This can cause the name to be very complicated and humiliating, which can shatter your child's confidence.

Therefore, most of the experts recommend keeping the name as simple as possible. There must be a rhythmic flow in the name. It will be easy to pronounce and will sound natural.

Take Care of Gender

The pet names for boys and girls should be gender-specific. There must be a clear understanding of whether the name is meant to be for males or females. This will allow the pet name to be natural and match the personality of your child. If you pick a girlish pet name for your boy, then it can shatter his confidence and can be very embarrassing.

It is crucial to choose a pet name that is well suited to their gender and overall personality. If you choose a pet name relevant to a muscular guy and your kid is a skinny one, it will also be irrelevant and humiliating for your child. It would be best if you took care of these factors while choosing the name.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, picking the right pet names for boys and girls is essential to keep up their confidence. Many parents out there unconsciously pick the most embarrassing names for their young ones, causing a lot of trouble for their kids in later life stages. This will have some adverse effects on your child's mental capabilities, and therefore, great care is required.

I have tried to spotlight these mistakes so you can easily avoid it and pick the most suitable name for your kid. There is a common misconception that pet names and nicknames are the same things; however, there is a significant difference. Anyone in your social circle can use a nickname, and a pet name is used by a specific person only.

Your pet name explains a lot about your relationship with that particular person. For instance, your mother can call you "Sonu" or "Chand," which shows affection in the relationship, and your wife can call you "Honey," which is not allowed to any other person.  

If you still have doubts regarding the pet name, try to keep your child's pet name personal and use it inside the house only to avoid any problems.





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