Helpful Lifehacks For Students (26 PICS)

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"Save time when researching sources online by mastering the biggest search engine in the world; Google. Follow the tips in this image to find what you need at your fingertips"


"Studying incentive: When you reach a gummy bear you get to eat it"


"My classmate took up a strict 9-5 school schedule, right from the first semester. Every day, he'd work 9-5. He was either in class, working on homework, or studying if he got everything done. At 5pm, he'd pack up his stuff and was done for the day.

He had all his homework done way ahead of schedule and never had to pull all nighters or waste weekends on homework. He was never stressed out or anything like that because he'd spent time studying when he wasn't slammed with homework.

I could never manage it because I'd rather procrastinate and start 3 hours before it was due, but it seemed like the best way to do it."


"When using Wikipedia, replace the "en" in the URL with "simple", and you'll get a shorter, simpler version of the article that you can easily skim."


"Set a screenshot of your class schedule as your lock screen.You'll always know where you're supposed to go (esp when you're running late!), and you won't have to wait impatiently for your schedule to load in the building with shoddy signal as you try to figure out which room number you need to be at."


Izismile Videos

"Use a scanning app on your phone if you're taking pictures to submit handwritten assignments online.

If your handwriting is questionable and the picture quality is bad, your grader will not be a happy camper. A $5 scanning app could make a big difference! Popular scanning apps include Scanner Pro (for iOS) and Scanner App (for Android)."


"Need literature? Search Project Gutenberg for over 60,000 free eBooks. You don't need any app, and you can Ctrl+F when you zone out during class."


"Talk with your professors after class (especially if you really enjoy the subject) and go to office hours!You could introduce yourself and ask questions. You don't have to need homework help — you could get to know your professors and a better understanding of the material. Plus, professors have to hold office hours, so even if nobody shows up, they'll be sitting there...waiting. It's an easy opportunity to network (your professors could help you land an internship or job!)."


"If you're not allowed to cite Wikipedia as a source, remember that all the citations and references live at the bottom of the entry."


"Internet Archive is a nonprofit library with millions of free books, movies, music, and more."



"If you have lazy teachers, google a direct quote from a worksheet or assignment and you can sometimes find teaching resources and answers online"


"You can change the auto-save time to 1 minute in Microsoft Word & Excel. It might save you from losing a lot of progress."



"Before exam make a copy of all the material you have to know, but change it in the way you would explain it. It helps A LOT to learn the subject."


"If your roommate won't turn off their phone alarm, call their phone to stop the alarm.

They may have to be out of bed, but you sure don't. And it beats calling their name until they hit the alarm."


"Try a "Bible-safe" gel highlighter if your color coding is bleeding through your textbook pages!"


"Get enough sleep.

Seriously. I know it's hard. I know there's not enough hours in the day. But if you're gonna cut anything, it shouldn't be sleep."



"Use a text-to-speech online reader to help you proofread your papers

— OR to read notes back to you as you study!

If you're editing your paper, you'll be able to catch mistakes or make improvements more easily when "someone" else is reading it out loud."


"If you don't know how to study, or have a hard time getting yourself to do homework: Get a friend to buddy with. My ADHD @$$ can't study to save my life, but if my friend is in the room concentrating on that [email protected]#t, I feel like I don't want to be left out, and I'll buckle down so we're on the same page. If you can't manufacture executive function, peer pressure is fine too"


"Download any material your professor sends through Google Classroom directly to your device, instead of just adding it to your Drive."


"Schedule your classes back-to-back so you can get through them all in one go. You'll be less likely to skip if you don't have that two-hour block between O-Chem and that general elective you're taking this semester."


"Volunteer to answer your professor's questions and keep your camera on if you can during online classes.

Participation is always appreciated, but especially now when professors are lecturing into a camera. If you actively show your face and participate, your professor will more likely remember you, too."



"Don't buy a textbook unless you know that you actually need it. And if you do, rent your textbooks instead of buying them. It's cheaper and you don't have to deal with storing or selling them off after you're done."



"Export and submit your paper as a PDF (instead of a Word doc) so that you don't have to worry about the formatting or the file itself."


"Browse the textbook before the lecture, or at least skim the introduction and the section headings. It's a lot easier to remember information if you walk into the classroom with a little bit of context."


"If your school has gone online due to COVID-19, consider completing your general requirements online through a local community college to save money.

Make sure the credits transfer, of course."


"Watch a Documentary on the Topic

Documentaries are an entertaining way of compacting an entire story into a short timeframe. This will help you remember key details from a story plus you may even get extra credit for mentioning that you took the initiative and watched a film about the topic!


"Quizlet is pretty great"



"Reward yourself when you complete assignments ahead of schedule.Procrastinating is so, so tempting, but try to Pavlov yourself by getting a treat when you finish things ahead of time, so you can build healthy habits instead."



"Google by file type. For example, if you're looking for a PDF, type "filetype:pdf" before the name of whatever book or document."



"As someone who just graduated college, do yourself a favor and actually go to class. You’re paying for the chair (if you’re in the US) and there is research on a correlation between greater absences= greater likelihood to fail a course. I know you hate the class, but go. I might literally be begging."


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