How Can A Simple Photo Make Someone’s Day

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How Can A Simple Photo Make Someone’s Day


Not every day is a good day for everyone, there are days when you feel down and sad, while there are days when you feel happy. If you wake up at the wrong side of the bed, there are a lot of things you can do to somehow change your mood. You can grab good food or you can even watch a movie, but if you do not have that much time to spare, you can just look at a photo or photos.


You might be thinking, how can a simple photo make someone’s day. It can just be a still photo yet it can bring a lot of things to someone.

   It can make someone laugh

There are a lot of funny photos to see, and taking advantage of it when you are feeling gloomy is a good idea. A simple photo can make someone laugh out loud and can make his/her day. There are many websites where you can find funny photos and there are even casinos out there which have funny themed slot games. Who would have thought, comedy and humour can be mixed with something so serious like online gambling.


Why would you make yourself suffer and feel sad the entire day if there are websites you can visit to give you a good laugh?

   A photo tells a thousand stories

Especially if it was taken beautifully, there are a lot of stories that would run into your mind just by looking at one photo. Your creativeness can play a huge role in creating wonderful stories in it. This is a good way to keep a boring day extra exciting, as you are trying to reveal the story behind a photo.


You do not need a moving video to tell what happened to that scene, as you are the director who will create the story behind it.


The photo can be simple and boring for some, but it could be defined differently by someone else. The stories it tells depends on who is looking at it. Use your creative juice and create a story on your own as you look at a photo.

   It gives them a memory

Photos that were taken way back, would make someone reminisce on how happy his/her past life was. He/she may be happy now but looking at it would make him/her inspired and remember that brighter days will come sooner.


Still photos can make memory last forever and as someone who is not as happy today would remember that once in their life, they were extremely happy and for sure it will happen again.


The memory of the photo can make them laugh, cry and other emotions that they felt the time the photo was taken.

   It reconnects people

You might be working far from your family and friends, and photos can somehow close this gap. This may not let you see them in the flesh but at least a photo can lessen the feeling of missing them.


If you miss someone from a distance, all you have to do is look at their photo. This may not takeaway the sadness but it can definitely lessen it.




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