Are online slots random?

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Are online slots random?


Online slots are the soul of online casinos that operates in large numbers. The casinos say that all online slots are random as they use a random code generator. This code generator transmits a random number to the player. The code is generated on the computer or mobile screen with animation via the internet. However, some gambling enthusiast believes that online slots are not random. They do not prove Non-randomness as they don’t have any strong ground of reasonableness.

How random code generators work in online slots?

Random number generators are made up of specific algorithms fed into the computer. The computing of various numbers is done through these algorithms. All online casinos have their random number generator for all its players.

Like Gclub online casino (จีคลับ in Thai language), many casinos are operating on the web in this respect. Gambling enthusiasts have to register and start playing online slots. Go to your online slot and press the play button. A game appears in front of you. This game has square grids filled up by numbers. Some numbers are designated as winners, and the rest are losers.

When the players press the spin button, the random number generator generates a winning combination for the player. The generation happens in a fraction of seconds without taking much time. Every time the player presses the spin button, a different and separate combination appears. It makes these spins independent from each other. Therefore, making every turn likely to win a jackpot.

Random to player (RTP) and online slots

The next thing after a random code generator is random to the player system. This whole system is an essential aspect of online slots that ensures randomness. Random to player appears in the online slots when things go complicated.

In simple terms, random to the player is the measure of how much an online slot wills payout after each spin. At initial, the RTP value is designated as 100% that changes on every spin a player makes. For example, if the online slot has an RTP of 95%, then the player wins 90%, and the machine gets 5% of it.

RTP and random code generators work together to give the best experience to all players. All online casinos have these two to build functional online slots for all players out there.  Gclub casinos have the highest number of RTPs for every user.  Any gambling freak can opt for Gclub casino to play all online slots.

Random chance in online slots

The outcome of online slots is random despite all research you have done. It is said that the game with high RTP is regarded as the ideal one. The player has a good chance of winning a large amount in these casino online slot games. Slot games are engaging and give a fair opportunity for every player to win. However, it is not confirmed that the player will win a high amount as online slots are random.


Online slot games are popular among all gambling enthusiasts for playing games. It is ideal for everyone. From the above information, it is clear that online slots are random with proper algorithms and systems.  Many online casinos in Asia have these slot games in plenty for all players. 




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