A List of the Best Casinos in The World

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2020 is hardly the best year for land-based casinos, as this industry was heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic according to the website PlayUK.com. Smaller businesses are struggling to stay afloat and even the industry giants are anxiously waiting for better days. Sooner or later, these days will return and when this happens, fans of traditional gambling will benefit from knowing which are the best casinos in the world. Granted there are dozens of operators competing for this trophy, we believe that these names belong on any such list.

A List of the Best Casinos in The World


Las Vegas - Aria Casino

If you travel to Sin City and don’t enter one of the casinos, you will miss a huge opportunity. If you could choose a single place to visit, then you should definitely consider the Aria Casino, which is the latest and the most luxurious venue. It happens to be one of the newest, as well as the most expensive casino and resort in the world, so it has plenty of exciting accolades. You will find any game you fancy and will be able to play at reasonable stakes or enjoy the thrills usually reserved to highrollers. It also has a huge resort for players to explore at leisure when they want to take a break from gambling.

Macau - City of Dreams Casino

In the Far East, the city of Macau tries to provide Asian punters with a worthy alternative to the thrills of Las Vegas. There are many casinos that are worth visiting if you are on a trip to the Chinese city, but City of Dreams sits at the top of the list. It is located on the popular Cotai Strip, which is the equivalent of Las Vegas’ Strip and the place where some of the most luxurious casinos can be found. In this particular venue, you will find thousands of slots, plenty of tables reserved to card games and highroller roulette. When it comes to accommodation, its own hotel can provide more than 1400 rooms.

Germany - Casino Baden-Baden

Europeans have their fair share of cool casinos and the best one in Germany is located in the city of Baden Baden. What helps this place stand out from the crowd is that players feel like royalty the moment they step inside the building. It is inspired by the luxurious Palace of Versailles which is known for its opulence, so it is not excessive that the casino requires players to dress formally. Each room looks different, so in addition to playing your favorite games, you’ll also be treated to a memorable experience.

London - Hippodrome Casino

When in London and in mood for gambling, you should look no further than Hippodrome casino. The building in which it is located has an amazing history behind it and hosted many remarkable ventures over the years. Today, it is a modern and luxurious casino, with excellent opportunities for highrollers, but also casual punters looking for a little fun. You won’t run out of options whether you seek the thrills of roulette, blackjack and baccarat or if you prefer luck to decide the outcome in slots games.




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