Just A Public Hospital In Norway… (VIDEO)

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Appie 8 month s ago
Imagine not paying $10.000 for a band aid. Pure, ungodly communism.
Melchizedek 8 month s ago
Appie, imagine paying 45% tax to pay for this free health care. and that's just personal tax, corporations can have to pay up to like 75%. Norway is one of the highest taxed countries in the world. instead of paying 10k for a band-aid you'll be paying 50k for fancy robots and to make sure everyone gets free treatment whether they pay taxes or not. no thanks I'll pass.
Sylvester 8 month s ago
But look at the high quality of life you get for high taxes. Some folks just think high taxes are bad on principle. However, if your taxes go to pay for improved quality of life, it all works out in the end. And no, that isn't socialist.
Sylvester 8 month s ago
Governments are supposed to protect people and make their lives better, not just serve the interests of big business.
Edwina 8 month s ago
then why not pay 100%tax and work for free?since the government is all knowing not corrupt and trustworthy and highly efficient with money in the usa why not tax at 100%


imagine setting free convicted rapist who rape again hide in sweden who doesn extradit rapefugees cuz u know they have to protect rapists cuz they so traumatized by a non existent war
Patrick 8 month s ago
Melchizedek, Unless there are special circumstances your tax is going to be ~30%. Well worth it the day you need any health care. Nobody goes bankrupt for just being unlucky and getting cancer, being in an accident or something like that. You'd have to be denser than most to not see this is a better way. I'll never understand why americans are so afraid of free health care, but I guess the answer could be written elsewhere in my comment. ;-)
Roger 8 month s ago

It's because Americans are culturally ingrained with the notion that anything that promotes the collective good is Communist. Between a 45-year cold war and the McCarthyism of the 50s, socialized medicine never had a prayer of success.

The truly ironic bit is that they're happy to outsource their entire industrial base to (nominally) communist China, who is a greater threat than the U.S.S.R. ever was. Not because of nukes, mind you, but because of their ever-increasing economic power.
Reginald 8 month s ago

Look everyone, it's one of those useful idiots that big corporations and corrupt politicians just absolutely love! A clueless dips#!t all too willing to vote against their self-interests and swallow the corporate propaganda hook, line and sinker sm_80

Why do healthcare the way the rest of the developed world does it when we can do it the American way? 35
Columbus 8 month s ago
Melchizedek, I lived in the Netherlands and was in the highest tax bracket for over a decade, the tax rates there are similar to Norway's, as are the benefits. I never paid more than $1000 more in NL than my US tax liability. That means if I'd had the same income in the US I'd only save $1000 and get basically nothing for it. In NL I had the best insurance ever, no or minimal copay and a €300 a year deductible. That's the problem when you've only lived in place, you don't have any actual experience with any other systems.
Mehitabel 8 month s ago
What was the expression H.Clinton use to describe you?
Tony 8 month s ago
27 27 27 good good good
Becca 8 month s ago
Its nice here :-)
Rella 8 month s ago
US tax rates are overall higher than Norway, yet we don’t have a successful universal healthcare system. It’s absolutely pathetic and ignorance of the facts and muddying of the truth is no longer a valid excuse. There are tons of useless programs and overspending that could be diverted to healthcare without even affecting the already astronomical tax requirements of the average poor or middle class household.
Maxine 8 month s ago
Wonderful Norway. They have so much money. Scandinavian socialism works.
Joshua 8 month s ago

why would anyone downvote your comment?
Chris 8 month s ago
Because internet?
Edwina 8 month s ago
yeaa cool now show us how norway is not an socialist economy and thus can afford that,if you want what dems in the usa want show an argentina hospital wich is also officialy capitalist but their hospitals are free and guess who wants to do economy like argentina does,yup its the dems they have almost identical economic views as argentinas president fernandez de kirchner so if you want the usa to be more like artgentina vote democrat forever

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