These Boyfriends And Husbands Are Doing Something Right… (45 PICS)

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This Guy Needs Star Power

Sneaky Husband

My Wife Is Pregnant, And We Did A “Maternity Shoot”, This Is My Favorite Pic

Best Sister Ever

"When My Wife Had An Ultrasound For Our First Child I Took A Photo Of The Print Out So She Could Send To Friends And Family On WhatsApp"

"Instead I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realising what it was. She was not amused."


Izismile Videos

"Sometimes I Text My Wife The Motivational Quotes From Her Tampons When She Has Her Period To Try And Cheer Her Up"

Zoom Bombing

"Asked My Husband For A Kleenex. He Walked Over, Made A Big Deal About Wiping Off This Magnet Then Gave It To Me. It's A Clean X"

"My Buddy’s Girlfriend Farted In Front Of Him For The First Time. He Got A Cake For The Occasion"

"My Wife Asked Me To Paint An Oil Portrait Of Her. This Was The Best I Could Come Up With"


"A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was Ok"

"When Boyfriend Loves Some Drama"

"Dad Bought Mom A New Mask"

"This Is What True Love Looks Like. My Mom Taking A Picture Of My Dad Acting Like He’s Stuck In The Dryer"

"My Boyfriend Woke Me Up And Made Me Take This Photo"


"He's Strong With The Dad Jokes"

"My Dad Has Always Been A Master Of Disguising Gifts, And This Year Drilled A Hole In A Piece Of Wood To Hide A Ring Box For My Mom. The Look Of ‘Too Many Years Of This [email protected]#t’ Is Strong With This One"

"There Are Some Advantages To Being Married For 15+ Years. Like You Can Scare Your Wife With The Cardboard Figure You Found Buried In The Garage That She Bought You Five Years Ago"

Mother Trucker

"I Found This From My Husband In The Bathroom"


Pro-Level Move

"Told My Wife That I Don't Care What My Coworkers Think. I Want This Lunch Bag"

"Wife Vetoed My Birth Announcement Design"

By The Power Of Photoshop

"My Girlfriend Wasn't Happy I Filled In Her New Picture Frame"


"I Put A Zombie Face In Front Of Our Baby Monitor. My Wife Was Not Happy When She Checked On Our Baby In The Middle Of The Night"

"I Asked My Husband To Get A New Leg For The Garden Flamingo"

"My Boyfriend Is Taking Care Of My Cat For Me. I Asked How It Was Going And He Sent Me This"

"Decided To Surprise My Girlfriend With A New Shower Curtain While She’s Gone For The Day. Hope I’m Still Home And Not At Work When She Discovers It"

Messing With My Wife’s Shortcuts


"Just Following CDC Guidelines And Got Myself Some Panda Pandemic Protection. Now My Wife Is Social Distancing Herself From Me"

"My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum"

"My Wife Keeps Calling Jaffa Cakes Biscuits. I Made A 20 Cm/8 Inch One To Prove They're Cakes"

"Welp, It's Been Nice Knowing Ya"

"I Asked My Boyfriend To Join My Zoom Meeting To Critique My Assignment Presentation"


"My Brother Snuck A Picture Of His Girlfriend Sleeping And Put It On This Years Wrapping Paper"

"Pleased With The Efficiency Of This Shopping List I Prepared For My Wonderful Wife"

"Left This 3D Printed Glow In The Dark Masterpiece On My Wife's Pillow. Also, On A Related Note, Sleeping On The Couch Tonight"

"My Husband Said "Stay Still, I'm Gonna Try To Draw You" Then He Showed Me This. I Laughed So Hard I Almost Threw Up. Look At The Feet"

"I Asked My Husband How Long The Kitchen Table Is. This Is What I Got"


"My Husband Took This Picture Of Me This Morning While I Was Trying To Clean My Glasses"

"My Wife Doesn’t Want Our Newborn Son’s Face Posted On Social Media, So She Asked Me To Censor Over It. Needless To Say, I Won’t Be Asked To Do That Again"

"My Wife’s Family Likes To Take A Photo Together On Easter. I Like To Provide Some Minor Alterations"

"My Mom Started Coughing And My Dad Isn't Playing"

Wife Hack






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