Can You Stop Yelling? (VIDEO)

Posted in VIDEO       7 Dec 2020       3273       4


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salamoon 10 month s ago
you wouldnt do it to a dog - There are different standards around the world about what people eat or not.... and it include all animals... cows, chickens, and yes, even cats and dogs... so STFU and let him eat that burger.
Greg 10 month s ago
Modern day SJW activism is nothing but a cult of self congratulation and virtue signaling. These people live in the safest country in the world, and lacking any real identity, depth, challenge or purpose to their life, they choose this kind of behavior to make themselves feel they are "changing the world" without ever having to risk their own. A protest based on idealism over an "easy" issue that doesn't affect their quality of life one bit, never requires any real effort, work ethic or dedication, and can be conveyed just through shouting with a cell phone and a stupid sign on the weekends. Taking it further, you can see all the signs of how these girls got ready to be seen in public while ignoring the fact there are probably hundreds of things that shape their life from the moment they wake up that are impactful to animals or are related to the use/processing of them. Right down to the make up on their faces, the shampoo in their hair, to the leather in their purses. Then they sit around in a circle at Chipotle eating bean burritos with cheese "because dairy isn't really animal abuse" bolstering each other up and feeling like martyrs, while waiting for that little dopamine hit of "safe" praise on social media and hoping it all goes viral for the sake of their IG account. In truth, I'd rather live with animals than people because there's more honesty to it. After all, a real pig doesn't pretend it's not covered in sh#t.
Alastair 10 month s ago
Greg,Here. Have ten thumbs up.
Abednego 10 month s ago
Alastair,I'd like offer up another 10~!

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