Appreciate All The Essential Workers! (34 PICS)

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"When The Kindergartners Learn Sign Language So That They Could Wish Their Deaf Janitor A Happy Birthday"

"When Your Barber Was The Reason Why Someone's Last Days Seemed Like The Best Ones"

"When Your Uber Driver Takes You To The Hospital And Ends Up Keeping You Company Because Your Family Is Out Of State"

"When The School Bus Driver Gets A Bunch Of Valentine's Candies And Cards For The Kids He Drives Daily"

"When Your Amazon Courier Also Brings Back Your Trash Cans That Have Been Knocked Over And Pushed Away By Strong Winds"

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"When Post Couriers Take A Slight Detour On Their Route To Make A Girl's Birthday That Much Better"

"When Road Workers Find Time To Explain To The Neighborhood Kids How Roads Work"

"When The Elementary School Bus Driver Asks Every Kid On The Bus What They Want For Christmas And Then Proceeds To Fulfill Everyone's Wish"

"When You're On Your First Day Of School, Nervous As Heck, And The Bus Driver Holds Your Hand Throughout The Entire Trip So That You Would Feel Comforted"

"When You Treat Your Janitors Like Human Beings And Be Their Friends"


"When You Come Out To Your Very Religious Family Who Decide You're Not Welcome To Family Holidays, And Then Your Professor Invites You Over"

"When Waiters Walk The Extra Mile To Show Support For A Post-Op Client"

"When Your Cashiers Don't Know The Meaning Of Fear And Tackle A Big Spider Head-On"

"When Actual Human Beings Work In The Service Industry And Make You Feel More At Home Than Real Home"

"When The Local Police Bring Your Drunk Self Home"


"When Before Every Chemotherapy Session, A 9 Y.o. Stops At A Starbucks Where The Employees Give Him A Pep Talk"

"When Your Local Bus Driver Decorates Every Halloween And Gives Out Candy"

"When Your Neighbor Is A Paramedic And The Entire Neighborhood Gathers For A Round Of Applause For All The Hard Work They Do"

"When Your Local McDonald's Sends Their Condolences Regarding Your Late Grandpa Who Used To Frequent Said McDonald's"

"When The Nurses Work 36-Hour Shifts With Just One Protective Suit And Are Soaking Wet After They Take It Off"


"When The Neighborhood Garbage Collectors Show Some Love For A Boy And Get Him A Swag Bag With A Garbage Truck"

"When It's A Pandemic And This San Pedro Librarian Pedals With Books On A Mission To Gather Young Readers"

"When You're A Kid And You Ask A FedEx Courier To Bring Your Skateboard To Tony Hawk, And He Does, And Then Tony Decides To Send One Of His Back"

"When You Try Your Best And Your Teacher Appreciates The Effort Instead Of Being Harsh"

"When Your Bus Driver Takes The Time To Drive You Personally Home Because You Got Lost"


"When Your Postman Leaves A Package As Well As Some Doggie Treats For Your Good Boy"

"When A 62 Y.o. Doctor Of 30+ Years Decides To Volunteer At The Covid Unit Because He Never Thinks Of Himself—only The Patients"

"When Your Barber Makes Sure The Homeless Live In Style"

"When Your Mailman Is An Ex-Soccer Player And Your Daughter Starts Asking For Daily Tips On It, Which Turns Into A Soccer Lesson"

"When The Bus Driver Vibes With A Child And Moves To "Shake It Off" By Tailor Swift"


"When You're Quitting A "Big Box Mart" Job And The Company Doesn't Acknowledge It, But The Baker Does"

"When The Nurses At The Hospital You Give Birth At Mails You The Ultrasound Of Your Baby After You Left It In The Labor Room, Plus Congratulatory Greeting Card!"

"When A Restaurant Is Extra Thankful For Your Patronage"

"When Your Cashier Gives You A $1 Discount Because That's Exactly How Much You Need For Those Matador Bites"





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