The 5 Most Popular Online Games in China

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China has the largest population in the world and this makes it a perfect market for the gaming industry. China is also home to a very robust gaming culture, with both male and female gamers constantly competing to be number one in different games. Gamers in China particularly enjoy online video games with the Chinese video game market one of the most profitable in the world. So, which games are popular in China?

The 5 Most Popular Online Games in China

Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings is an online multiplayer game where players can play with anyone who connects to the same game server. The game consists of two teams with five members each. The teams use their heroes and skills to try to attack the other team’s base.

QQ Speed

Although games like Need for Speed have been popular in different parts of the world, QQ Speed takes the crown for the most popular casual and competitive racing game in China. The game has three kingdoms, fantasy, wind, and fire. Up to six players can play in the multiplayer mode but you can also choose to play alone.

Online Keno

Although Keno is popular in many parts of the world, it has grown to become one of the most popular online games in China. Keno is very similar to bingo in that, traditionally, there are 80 numbers written on balls. Players have to guess which numbers will come up and if the numbers line up, they win.  The popularity of this game is mainly because of how easy it is to play and how exciting things get when the numbers you pick start being called out.

The online version of the game follows the same format so if you have ever played keno, it will be easy for you to play keno online and even win some money. There are several reputable casinos where you can play keno online from the comfort of your sofa with some even offering tips on how to get better at the game.

Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)

At this point, almost everyone who plays games knows about Player Unknown Battle Ground. PUBG is a multiplayer battle game that has been popular since it was released in 2011. In this game, 99 players are dropped onto an island and they have to kill their competition and remain the last man standing. The game constantly applies pressure for players to remain in an area that gets smaller as the game proceeds. The one person left is the winner of the round.


Crossfire, an online shooter game, is heavily inspired by Counter strike. It is so popular in China and the rest of Asia that it is played by more than 600 million players. With over 120 champions, endless strategies, and multiple teams, there are so many ways you can play the game and win. It also requires that players kill their opponents until there is only one winner left.

The Chinese gaming market is huge and online games gain and lose popularity all the time. As player preferences change, expect to see some movement on which online games are popular in China.




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