Clare 4 month s ago
#21 yes he is.
Patrick 4 month s ago
I'd like to read about celebs that aren't "down Earth" and "the sweetest person". More DIVA/Seinfeld stories please. LOL
Winny 4 month s ago
Since I'm so old (74), my heroes from my childhood were Western cowboys. I met three of them. First, I met Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I was a Service writer at a Chevy dealership and they came in with a mechanical problem. Actually, I only lived a couple of miles from them in Apple Valley, California. Later, after I became a restaurant manager, I met Duncan Renaldo, AKA The Cisco Kid. Sorry Patrick, they were all VERY nice people!
“I went to an Adio Shoes skate event at a mall in Oklahoma City. The Adio team skaters were all there signing merch and posters. Of all the skaters who were there, Bam Margera was the one I was most excited to meet. In my head I kept thinking, “This guy is going to slap me or say something mean, but it will be funny, that’s just who he is.” I get up to his table, kinda stutter a bit, and all I could say was, “I only skate Element boards and I love you.” Damnit I felt so stupid. 14 years old and I just embarrassed myself. He replied, “I only skate Element too man, and I love you too.” He looks at my feet and I’m wearing the purple Bam Adio Shoes. “Your shoes are [email protected]#ked though, you skate a lot?” I said, “Yeah every single day, unless it’s raining.” If that guy didn’t just melt my heart right there.. He comes back with another pair of purple Bam Adio Shoes (too big for me at the time but that was fine) and signed the box. Then he brought me some rubber “Softrucks” so I could attach them to my board and skate indoors when it was raining. Then he grabbed a fresh Bam purple and white Element board, signed it, and handed it over. He told me, “Listen here [email protected]#ker, you skate everyday. Don’t let anything hold you back. I hope one day I see you on TV too. Maybe we could skate together some time.” That was over 15 years ago. I still hope to one day be able to skate with him, even if for only a few minutes. Bam, I’m still waiting on you. I’m still skating :)”


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