People Share Their Experiences Of Encounters With Celebrities (11 PICS + 10 GIFS)

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“I met Gordon Ramsay once at a book signing event, I was just walking around the area and ran into him on his free time. He was actually so nice and down to earth. Talked about food for a few minutes and how he’s liking his trip so far. Super nice guy and nothing like you see on his cooking shows.”


“I’ve worked in a couple presenting theatres (as in, they don’t produce their own shows, they hire traveling acts) in the box office. The theatre I worked at in college had Jerry Seinfeld, which sold out in 25 minutes (by the end of my shift, my cash out was $8,200 in cash alone, largest stack I’ve ever held). The staff had to have a special meeting before the event to discuss Seinfeld’s rider, because his rider included a clause that no front of house staff were allowed backstage while he was in the building, so we couldn’t use the backstage bathrooms or the break room. We were also contractually required to avert our eyes if we happened to run into him. Most stupid [email protected]#t ever.”


“Kristen Bell – one of the most sweetest, down to earth people you’ll ever meet. I worked at a high end hotel spa and she came in on one of our most busiest weekends and was so patient. Most celebrities I encountered booked with aliases and through an assistant, she just called in on her own and booked as any other person would (this seems like the bare minimum, but I’ve had some super needy celebrity guests). She is also an EXTREMELY generous tipper. She is the exact person that she appears in tv interviews.”


“I won’t go into too many details for privacy but I was at an industry party where I happened to befriend a small group of people who I later found out were Ryan Goslings posse. Ryan wasn’t there and we just hung out and drank at the party all night and became friends. When the time came to leave I offered them a ride to their hotel as I’m local and they were visiting and they happily accepted. But when we got to my car I saw I had a flat tire. I was horribly embarrassed but they said not to worry about it and they would have their “friend” come pick them up. This was before Uber and Lyft became popular. So they’re all drunk and instagramming the scene while I’m on my hands and knees trying to change my flat tire when a black Cadillac Escalade rolls up and Ryan Gosling hopped out of the back and herded his drunk friends in the car. I thought that would be that but he walked over to me and told me he was calling a tow company to take my car to a shop and get a new tire on and thanked me for helping his friends, said “Good luck buddy.” And disappeared into the night like a [email protected]#king rock star hipster Jesus. Put the tow and the tire on his card. Needless to say I think Ryan Gosling is a good guy.”


“A few years ago Tenacious D played a concert in Kuala Lumpur. The building the concert was in was pretty small, and there’s no way they made a lot of money from the show. Despite that, after the show was over, Jack Black came back out on the stage and just chatted and joked around with people for like an hour. My buddy yelled out, “I love your shirt!” Jack Black yelled back, “I love your shirt! Trade me!” Then he took off his shirt and threw it to my buddy, who threw his shirt to Jack Black. Jack Black threw my friend’s shirt back after pretending to try it on (my friend is much thinner than Black, haha), and then told him to keep his shirt from the concert.”


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“Nick Offerman is a gem of a human being. He came to my small college in an Illinois Suburb for a book tour thing and I was in an acapella group at the time and we were rehearsing in the building where he was doing the signing and he accidentally walked in on us and ended up staying to listen to a song, complimented us, hung out for 5 minutes and signed stuff for all of us. Super genuine, funny guy.”


“I went to an Adio Shoes skate event at a mall in Oklahoma City. The Adio team skaters were all there signing merch and posters. Of all the skaters who were there, Bam Margera was the one I was most excited to meet. In my head I kept thinking, “This guy is going to slap me or say something mean, but it will be funny, that’s just who he is.” I get up to his table, kinda stutter a bit, and all I could say was, “I only skate Element boards and I love you.” Damnit I felt so stupid. 14 years old and I just embarrassed myself. He replied, “I only skate Element too man, and I love you too.” He looks at my feet and I’m wearing the purple Bam Adio Shoes. “Your shoes are [email protected]#ked though, you skate a lot?” I said, “Yeah every single day, unless it’s raining.” If that guy didn’t just melt my heart right there.. He comes back with another pair of purple Bam Adio Shoes (too big for me at the time but that was fine) and signed the box. Then he brought me some rubber “Softrucks” so I could attach them to my board and skate indoors when it was raining. Then he grabbed a fresh Bam purple and white Element board, signed it, and handed it over. He told me, “Listen here [email protected]#ker, you skate everyday. Don’t let anything hold you back. I hope one day I see you on TV too. Maybe we could skate together some time.” That was over 15 years ago. I still hope to one day be able to skate with him, even if for only a few minutes. Bam, I’m still waiting on you. I’m still skating :)”


“Haven’t had many rude experiences, but I can definitely attest that Michael Fassbender was a kind man who acted more excited to meet me than I was to meet him. Very satisfied by that experience!”


“I met Liam Hemsworth at a supermarket in a small coastal town in Australia earlier this year. I almost didn’t even notice it was him as he fit in seamlessly being the down to earth, laid back Aussie guy he is. He was super nice and genuine and even made an effort to thank the employees and the store’s security on his way out.”


“Chadwick Boseman, who I met while I was working as an extra. We weren’t supposed to talk to the actors, but he struck up a conversation with me. Asked me how I was doing, told me I was doing a great job. He was a genuine, sweet person and an incredible talent.”



“David Beckham – not just a nice guy, but when his kids came to the secret event we were filming and some people spotted them, he came across and told the public who could see him that he’d do any photos or signings they liked, but to please leave his kids alone as they were not in the public eye and he wanted them to be afforded privacy. Good dad.”


“I worked with Mads Mikkelsen. He is the nicest person you will ever meet. Zero ego. Just a pleasure to work with.”


“Brent Hinds from Mastodon was the biggest @$$hole I’ve ever met back in 2009. Met him again in 2012 and he invited me to join him for drinks at a local bar, where we talked for hours and he turned out to be the coolest famous person I’ve ever met. Turns out, sometimes people just have a bad day.”


“I met Renee Zellweger and she was so much kinder than I ever could have imagined. This was when hurricane Harvey hit Texas. I was working at Austin Pets Alive and we took in thousands of animals from hard hit areas. It was insane. One day Renee Zellweger just showed up to volunteer. No warning, no fanfare. In fact, the only reason I noticed her is that she was wearing long sleeves and long pants and it was august in Texas. She spent a week volunteering. She did laundry, cleaned out poop covered crates, and drove vans of dogs from Houston to Austin (not a pleasant job with the smell and the barking). I hope this doesn’t get buried because she was truly amazing. So so nice and hardworking. The laundry room was next to my office so we became friendly over the week she was there. There are multiple news articles about this so it’s legit. Forever a fan.”


“Hugh Jackman. He’s known for being nice but I didn’t expect him to be so genuine and actually keep the conversation going and to keep asking questions and showing interest. It must be exhausting considering how many people he meets every day, yet he is always on.”



“Brad Pitt is a top-notch guy in real life I met him in Malta while he was filming Troy. I was guiding a group of students as a group leader on a holiday trip and we saw Pitt just walking out of a cafe. He took time to take lots of pictures with all the kids and was really nice to everyone. Among my group were a bunch of teenage girls who almost fainted. Hilarious day all around.”


“Robin Williams was shooting a film in my city he stopped by the nearest senior home just to say hello and take pictures with the residents. No other reason than to brighten up their day class act of a man. My grandma was a resident.”


“Dave Grohl (and the Foo Fighters) – met him and the band the night before they played a concert in our town. I was with a friend in a random @$$ empty bar and all of the sudden they walk in and sit at a table. My friend freaked out and wanted to go over to them but I felt like “Naaahh leave them be.” But she couldn’t resist, took a convidence shot and walked over. She chatted with them for a few minutes and soon waved me over. I got over there as well and shook hands with everybody. Dave was really really nice and asked us if we would come to the show the next day, but of course, it was sold out months ago. He said not to worry and that he would put us on his guestlist. yadayada we kept talking for a few more minutes, but soon left, because we didn’t want to disrupt them too much. Even though they didn’t act as if we would bother them at all. The next day went to the venue – we didnt have too much hope though. We thought he probably forgot but we wanted to try anyway. And who would have thought, he didnt forget, we were on his guestlist and we absolutely had the best time of our life. Dave Grohl really is the nicest person of rock ‘n’ roll!”


“Johnny Depp when he was filming for public enemies in the town i lived in. They turned our whole downtown area into a movie set, and even rolled out this fake cobblestone over the roads. Was pretty neat. As for Johnny, he was very sweet and nice. He asked me if i tried out to be one of the extras. I said that i did not since they were looking for more thinner women. He could not believe they were not including the locals of all shapes and asked if i wanted to be an extra, i said no i would probably be too scared to mess up on camera anyway. Gave me a kiss on my hand and told me that i have a beautiful soul and continued on his way down the line of fans.”


“I met Penn and Teller in NYC when they did some NYC shows one year. They had a meet n greet and I got to meet both of them. I was kinda star struck because I was a big fan, but they were super cool about it. And it was really weird for Teller to talk to me. Also, Teller isn’t short, Penn is just [email protected]#king huge.”



“Bobby Flay is a complete douche.”



Clare 1 year ago
#21 yes he is.
Patrick 1 year ago
I'd like to read about celebs that aren't "down Earth" and "the sweetest person". More DIVA/Seinfeld stories please. LOL
Winny 1 year ago
Since I'm so old (74), my heroes from my childhood were Western cowboys. I met three of them. First, I met Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I was a Service writer at a Chevy dealership and they came in with a mechanical problem. Actually, I only lived a couple of miles from them in Apple Valley, California. Later, after I became a restaurant manager, I met Duncan Renaldo, AKA The Cisco Kid. Sorry Patrick, they were all VERY nice people!



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