Cornie 3 year s ago
#1. I always find it ludicrous that people blather on about god. I mean " .. made a plea to god ... to let her survive', when, if a god exists, and is an interventionist one, he/she/it made that person start to die in the first place.
It is all so silly ... massive earthquake and people start praying to god to save the people, forgetting that god made the earthquake, designed it to kill, but no worries, they just go all stupid and start asking god to change his mind .... also, they prey the people get saved, they don't give a toss for the animals, which they believe god made, and who god is not trying to kill.
When will their brains take over ?
Betty 3 year s ago
Once these people saw the US hospital bill they probably wished to die again.

"I had an employee of mine get very sick over a period of time, I won’t go into the details of his illness. He had been in the hospital for a week before I was allowed to see him. I was visiting him in his hospital room and his wife was also in the room. He kind of blanked out and then the equipment hooked up to him started beeping, alarms were going off. He flat lined. Many doctors and nurses rushed into the room and they tried to resuscitate him. We were eventually ordered out of the room. They came out about a half hour later and told us that they were successful in resuscitation. I wasn’t allowed to see him again until several days later. At that time he told me what he observed during the ordeal. He said that he observed the entire episode from a third person point of view, he saw the whole thing including me and his wife in the room. He no longer works for me but we still stay in touch."



"My grandpa was pretty much dead. They said to say our goodbyes etc because he wasn’t going to wake up. There was little brain activity, machines were breathing for him, the whole nine yards. I spent most of the time talking to him, because somewhere Id read that people could still hear so I told him to have strength and to come back because we needed him. It was a bad time.

He “woke” up a couple of hours later. Doctors said it was a miracle. He says he remembers us talking to him when he was “in there” and how there was some sort of light but our voices kept bringing him back.

He’s doing good. Can talk and is slowly gaining strength a year and half later. He will be on a ventilator for the rest of his life but hey he’s here."


People Share Their Experience Of Coming Back To Life After Being Declared Dead