Cornie 3 year s ago
#1. I always find it ludicrous that people blather on about god. I mean " .. made a plea to god ... to let her survive', when, if a god exists, and is an interventionist one, he/she/it made that person start to die in the first place.
It is all so silly ... massive earthquake and people start praying to god to save the people, forgetting that god made the earthquake, designed it to kill, but no worries, they just go all stupid and start asking god to change his mind .... also, they prey the people get saved, they don't give a toss for the animals, which they believe god made, and who god is not trying to kill.
When will their brains take over ?
Betty 3 year s ago
Once these people saw the US hospital bill they probably wished to die again.

"Died from an overdose for a few minutes.

There really wasn't anything. just blackness and a vague lapse of time. it was almost like waking up from a s@#tty night's rest and feeling like a horse had kicked me in the chest."



"The story I have is from my great aunt. She was in the hospital before I was born with heart failure. She died three times (the third time she failed to resuscitate). She told my dad after the first time she died, she saw a man she didn't recognize. The man asked if she was ready to go. She told him that she wasn't. He said okay, and she woke up to the hospital staff above her. The second time she died, her health had gone downhill even further. She said she saw the same man and she said she was ready to go with him. This time he said no, it wasn't her time, and he sent her back. The final time she died stuck."



"Not me but an ex girlfriends mother.

Her heart stopped for 28 minutes. They told the family she was gone and they brought a priest to bless the room. She ended up coming back.

She said she remembers running through a field with a little girl that she believes was her niece(I could be wrong about who she thinks it was it was a few years ago that I was told) wearing the dress that she was buried in."



"My dad died briefly and said that he went down a long hallway to a door. When he was going to open it he felt himself being sucked back into his own body"



"Not my experience, a friend's.

My friend was pronounced dead about 6 times I believe, but only told me two of the experiences.

Just pure blackness in an empty space.

Their grandfather told them to go back."



"It felt like I was in a long tunnel, just floating and feeling very tired. I remember falling asleep and having a dream that I was in the kitchen in the house where I grew up in and my dad was cooking breakfast. I could hear a commotion and chaos at one end and at the other end there was a warm light that felt peaceful. Then all of a sudden I was abruptly in the chaos of an emergency room."



"I don’t remember my heart stopping cause it was during surgery but I definitely remember being in life support. I thought I was in some weird handmaid’s tale type situation and I was in the hospital for them to take my baby out of me. I wasn’t pregnant can’t get pregnant. I was in the hospital due to a kidney stone and I went into septic shock. They did a couple different surgeries for it and the 2nd one my heart stopped for a while. I’m going to edit and add that during my 10 days stay in the ICU. I was ready to die. Knew it was my time. It really didn’t click how sick I was until day 9 and I was up walking the floors and a nurse who took care of me in the beginning, got very excited and came and hugged me. In my head I was like ok I’m just out of bed. Then it hit me that she didn’t expect me to make it."



"I've died once. I don't remember much about it except there was a nice, dark nothingness which I guess felt kind of cozy, but I also knew it was the end, so I'd better not ... I don't know, I knew I wasn't supposed to go into the dark. Like I was in the dark, but I wasn't supposed to be enjoying it, because if I embraced it too much I would die. I'm generally not that scared of death these days.

It was kind of like falling asleep and kinda vaguely remembering a dream when you wake up. All I really have are feelings, not a solid picture or an image or anything like that."



"Anaphylactic reaction to an already deadly irukandji jellyfish sting. I coded. Saw this white light and could see my myself “floating upwards” saw my family and the drs and nurses who were working on me. Came back and was in intense pain"



"I heard a loud pitch noise telling me that I had a lot left to live for as it got higher pitched. Then I saw a bright light and woke up but I think that was the ambulance driver shining the flashlight in my eyes"



"I died from anaphylactic shock when I was 6. Flatlined for almost 3 minutes. I remember looking at myself in the ER with a stuffed bunny someone had put on my bed by my feet. My next memory is the next day in ICU when I woke, I was reaching around asking for my bunny. Supposedly it freaked out my mom and the nurses, because the bunny never made it into the ICU."



"Felt like third person security camera footage of my body, then slowly zooming out and rising up, felt really really cold and then I started hearing really loud clanging sounds and woke up in the ambulance to the sound of the gurney bouncing on a rough road. It was surreal, haven’t feared death since then tbh. It was almost 6 years ago and I still think about it a few times a month."



"Back when I was a kid, I was mauled by a dog. I ended up literally scalped and was rushed to the E.R. Back then, there wasn't a priority rush, but rather first come-first serve mentality. Mom argued with the nurse about getting me into surgery, however there were other people ahead of us, so she was ordered to sit and wait for our turn. I remember being completely mummified in towels in an attempt by my mom to stop the bleeding. I remember just feeling warm and fuzzy, like I was wearing a fleece robe over my entire body. I felt at peace. There wasn't anything on my mind; no thoughts or worries. Just darkness. I couldn't really hear anything except muffled talking even though one of my ears were uncovered. The warmth eventually turned to a chill, similar to the feeling you get standing in front of a hotel air conditioner in the Summer (weirdly specific example but it's the closest thing I can compare it to) After a few hours (it only felt like minutes for me!) I was moved onto a gurney and remember seeing blurry people around me like I was squinting my eyes. The hospital lights were really intense and bright. I swear at one point I saw a ghostly image of one of my grandparents just smiling as I was wheeled past them. Then, I just passed out like I'd run the most exhausting marathon of my life. In the end, I had a blood transfusion, died once, received 300 stitches on my scalp, and 4 reconstructive surgeries."



"Not me, but I used to know a guy who had been shot in the back of the head in a drive by, he was pronounced dead and then he came back. When I asked him what it was like, he told me a bright light was holding onto him, carrying him up somewhere. He said he was asking "why me, why me?" and then he was dropped."


People Share Their Experience Of Coming Back To Life After Being Declared Dead