Mental health: tobacco smoking vs vaping

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Mental health is a state of psychological and social well-being in which a person realizes his capabilities. It effectively resists life's difficulties and stress, carries out productive, conscious activities, and contributes to society's development.

First of all, this is realized due to the stable, adequate functioning of the psyche, as well as the primary mental cognitive processes: memory, attention, thinking.


As you know, smoking negatively affects the psychological health of a person. But smoking is a habit, and not everyone can quickly get rid of it. Therefore, vaping can be considered an alternative solution. Where could I buy it? How can I find vape shops near me? It's not a problem! You can order the device online with fast delivery.

Mental health: tobacco smoking vs vaping

How does tobacco smoking affect a person's psychological health?

Nicotine has a significant effect on the central nervous system. It contributes to the easier excitability of the cerebral cortex and midbrain. In this case, a two-phase action is observed: first, a short-term phase of excitation, and then - long-term inhibition. Constant artificially induced excitement contributes to the malnutrition of the brain. Memory and attention deteriorate, and fatigue increases. Like any drug, tobacco causes a short-term euphoria when smoking. Short-term arousal of mental activity is due to the action of nicotine and irritation of the nerve endings of the oral cavity and respiratory tract by aggressive components of tobacco smoke and a reflex effect on cerebral circulation.

Nicotine in high doses causes seizures. Nicotine can cause the so-called withdrawal syndrome. With prolonged use, as happens in a smoker, nicotine ceases to stimulate respiration, and when the intake is stopped, it causes depression. Associated with this is the discomfort that a person experiences when quitting smoking. This condition develops during the first day and can last one to two weeks.


We see that smoking leads to changes in mental health. So why not reduce harm by using less harmful smoking like vaping. Plus, the e-cigarette can be used in a variety of flavors. Usually, active users buy such liquids in a vape shop.

Overcoming nicotine addiction

The key to effectively overcoming an addiction to nicotine is the use of additional methods to reduce the influence of various sensorimotor stimuli, such as the smell and taste of smoke, inhalation or exhalation of nicotine vapors, specific sensations in the respiratory tract, the need to hold a cigarette in hands.

Vaping as an alternative to smoking


Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or vapes) were created and developed to help completely abandon the bad habit of smoking tobacco. Currently, society's attitude towards vaping is contradictory: there are both ardent supporters and implacable opponents. However, even though vaping mixtures containing nicotine are not entirely safe for the body, the health risk when using vapes is reduced by up to 5% compared to using traditional cigarettes.

Vaping allows you to preserve the sensorimotor sensations that smokers need while significantly reducing the amount of inhaled nicotine and other harmful substances. Currently, British specialists at Stop Smoking Services (SSS) actively recommend vaping to those wishing to quit smoking. This approach is based on the National Organization Action on Smoking and Health report: about 1.5 million smokers got rid of this addiction by vaping in the UK. Later, almost 700 thousand active vapers were able to stop vaping nicotine.

A major clinical trial funded by the NIHR in the UK was published in February 2019. About 900 people attended it. The e-cigarette is twice as effective in helping smokers quit when compared to other nicotine-containing products.

A separate study from UCL found that e-cigarettes helped 50,000 to 70,000 people quit smoking in one year in England alone.

We see that the optimal solution is to use an electronic cigarette. And when the question arises: "What if my vapor store does not have a suitable device?" Don't worry! There will be a store on the Internet and even nearby where you will find the best vape pen!


As you probably already noticed, one of the main arguments in favor of vaping has recently become statements that electronic cigarettes are noticeably less harmful than ordinary tobacco smoking. And it is pointless to argue with this fact, since understanding how vaping works and whether steam is dangerous in principle, it is essential to remember that vaping offers significantly fewer problems not only with health but also in communicating with others.


The user should have a choice, but it so happens that when buying, we run into problems. For example, the vape store near me doesn't have my taste. But usually, vape shops offer a wide range of both flavors and devices for different uses. So try quitting tobacco smoking by switching to vaping.




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