Funny Dating Stories with Single Moms

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Every date has the potential to become an experience that’s unique and memorable for the wrong reasons, leaving single moms waiting to see how each one unfolds. Whether it’s dating for fun or dating seriously, meeting people while seeking romance won’t always go to plan. So, take a peek at these funny dating stories and discover how dates can become an experience that you never forget!

Funny Dating Stories with Single Moms


A Reaction of the Wrong Kind!


Naomi had been looking for love and had joined a dating site for singles to meet horny moms. Being a mom herself, she had been seeking love and romance with little luck. To keep her company during the lonely nights, she had bought herself a dog. Anyhow, after meeting a guy online, she arranged a date and decided to take her dog. They met in the park and began walking. The conversation was flowing, they were getting along, and everything seemed great. Suddenly, the guy began itching profusely, and his ears began to swell. He played the situation down and said he was fine until Naomi asked him again, “are you ok?”. Unfortunately, he came out with the immortal line “ I’m allergic to dogs.” The next thing, they were purchasing Benadryl from the shop to help with his allergies!

The Disappearing Act


Rachel had been looking for someone special for some time. Even someone who could fill her cold days and nights with love and romance. She met a guy online and agreed to meet him. He claimed to be into art and plays, so they agreed to meet and watch a play. He turned up and didn’t match the clean-shaven images he had posted online. He had a long beard, long scraggly hair, and looked like a completely different man. Sure, they flirted and chatted and even shared a few careful kisses while watching the play. Everything was going well, and Rachel believed that the romance was going to flourish. The play ended, and they headed for the subway, where they boarded the next train. As the train arrived at the next station, the doors opened, and he ran out screaming, “I can’t do this anymore.” That was the last that Rachel saw of him!

The Lying Date


It had been many months since Sarah last went on a date. She had been looking around for romance with little luck but had now met someone who she had been chatting with online. He had wowed her, impressed her, and seemed like everything she wanted. He was a little cliched as he was tall, dark, and handsome while he had a very good job. They agreed to meet in a sushi bar. She looked for this guy and kept checking his profile image to make sure she spotted him. Suddenly she heard someone shout “Sarah!”, as she turned around, the guy was the complete opposite of the guy she had agreed to meet, but he was the guy, only he had told a few lies along. He was short, geeky, and not the person she was supposed to meet!

When Things Get Hairy

Dating hadn’t worked for Lisa, but she had agreed to meet a guy. When she met him, his hair was longer than hers, and he certainly needed a trim. He was proud of his hair, but she was repulsed by it. The date went relatively well, but things didn’t quite work out. After the date, Lisa informed him that she wasn’t interested despite the fact he was a good guy, and she thought it was the end. Fast forward a few weeks, and she received a parcel in the post that contained all of his hair that he had shaved off for charity!


Not every date goes to plan, but some dates are certainly worth remembering because of the memories they create, even if they are funny!




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