Unusual Ways to Inspire Your Relationship

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Every relationship sets on auto-pilot after a while. You can let it go and enjoy the ride with somebody who loves you, but you have to cut the monotony every once in a while. Otherwise, your relationship will evolve from strong to boring. This article will show you 4 ways to ignite the fire in your hearts again.

Unusual Ways to Inspire Your Relationship


Do Something New and Different Together

Monotony is good; it means you’re comfortable around each other and that you’re out of the in-love phase. That’s a signal you’re building a strong relationship, but you have to be careful. If you indulge in the monotony for too long, your partner might lose interest. Experts agree that the easiest way to prevent that is to do something new and different together.


Get out of your comfort zone and do something your partner would never expect you to do (don’t go full-crazy, please). Book a romantic weekend for the two of you somewhere in the countryside. Go try that new restaurant with an unusual menu. Do anything you haven’t done before, and you’ll create new memories and maybe find new hobbies. That will give a dose of spontaneity to your relationship, which is always a good thing.

Dilute your Intimate Life with BDSM Elements


We all like to think we’re animals in the bedroom, but that’s not always true, especially when you’re intimate with the same person for years. We tend to repeat the actions repeatedly, which can lead to a decreased desire for intimacy. That’s understandable because being intimate with your partner should be fun; it shouldn’t feel like a chore.


Many couples seek something that’ll spice up their intimate life, and many of them decide to try something unusual. BDSM in the UK isn’t taboo anymore, especially a light version of it. Couples enjoy being blindfolded or handcuffed. If you decide to try it with your partner, go slowly to discover what works for you. You’ll probably like it, and your intimate life will be more fun than ever just because you dared to try something unusual.

Write Love letters to Each Other (not Online Messages, but on Paper)


How many online messages do you get every day? Probably hundreds, even thousands if you’re socially active. How many love letters written by hand on paper do you have? If you’re lucky, you have 1 or 2 of them.


New generations don’t send letters anymore because it’s much easier to send a text than a piece of paper. But there is something romantic about love letters. While reading them, you can absorb the feeling the writer put into them. And you can keep them among your precious things to read them when you feel down. Online messages aren’t like that. Even the best of them drown in the ocean of messages we send and receive every day. That’s why writing love letters to each other will do wonders for your relationship.

Turn Off Your Phones


The last unusual way to inspire your relationship also excludes technology. At least one gadget we seemingly can’t get enough of - our phones. Smartphones steal almost all of our attention. That’s why many couples drift away even though they spend a lot of time together. Spending time together while looking at the phone isn’t quality time; it’s like you aren’t together at all.


Turn off your phones every once in a while; for starters, let it be 1 night a week. Spend that night playing board games, actually watching a movie (instead of watching it with a phone in your hand), or talk. We guarantee you that your relationship will become stronger because of that.


Sometimes unusual advice can save the day. We brought you 4 of them; it’s up to you to use them wisely to inspire your relationship.




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