Why Do People Take CBD?

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Why Do People Take CBD?


CBD has broken through to mainstream society. Once discounted as counterculture and shunned to the dark corners of the population, CBD has lifted cannabis products to the forefront. Everyone from professional athletes to grandmas in nursing homes is enjoying the benefits of CBD. The 2018 ‘Farm Bill’ has allowed the free trade of CBD products to be used by all types of people around the USA.

What is CBD?


The new health and wellness phenomenon that is being used by so many people derives from the cannabis plant. CBD is one of the 144 chemical compounds that is found in cannabis. Its nonintoxicating properties and potential medical benefits have captured the attention of millions of people.

How Many People Use CBD?


According to a Gallup poll done in 2019, 1 in 7 Americans has tried CBD products. That totals to around 14 million people in the US alone. The same CBD survey found that ages 18-29 make up 20% of the total number of users.


The majority of people who take CBD products use them for pain and mental health issues. According to Single Care, 22% of people surveyed said that CBD helped them supplement or quit using prescription drugs altogether.

CBD Oil Users


CBD oil remains one of the most popular administration methods. According to the single card study, about half of CBD users oils/tinctures, lotions/balms, and gummies. The other half consists of edibles, drinks, soap, bath bombs, and other types of products.


People prefer CBD oil because it is convenient and effective. Taking CBD oil sublingually has a higher bioavailability than CBD edible gummies. Allowing the oil to dissolve under the tongue allows the CBD to quickly enter the bloodstream and go to work on the endocannabinoid system.

CBD Results


A study done in 2019 set out to find CBD’s efficiency in treating human subjects who reported having issues with mental health and sleep. The patients were given 25-75mg CBD pills every day over multiple months and researchers monitored the results.


The study produced tremendous results. Mental health scores decreased within the first month for almost 80% of patients while sleep scores improved by 66%. Studies like this one show that CBD is worthy of more large clinical trials looking at various health conditions.

How Do You Use CBD?


One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking CBD is not having a goal. Identify what areas of your life you would like to improve before starting a CBD regimen. Clearly define these goals and determine if they are realistic and if CBD even shows promise in treating them.


Too many users that are new to CBD see misinformation online and believe CBD to be a miracle drug that can cure anything. While cannabis is an incredible plant it is limited in its capabilities. Make sure your CBD goals align with reality.


Unfortunately, the study done in 2019 looking at mental health and sleep is one of the largest ever done with human subjects. Most studies are small or using animal models. To get to a point where we can specify a specific dose for a condition, much more double-blind clinical trials are needed.


People are taking CBD at record numbers. We are lucky to live in a time where cannabis products are readily available to the public. We urge new users to take CBD correctly, experiment with different dosing and have a clear goal for their new CBD products. Starting with a low dose and working your way up to more is a great way to monitor the results.




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