Guy Records Everything To Deal With An Awful Supervisor (10 GIFS)

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"I’m a paramedic and after many many years of working regular ground ambulance I decided I had enough, my whole career I was either a glorified uber driver, being spit on by drunks, bit by meth heads or chauffeuring people between hospitals ( though once in a blue moon I saved a life).

There isn’t a lot of different jobs you can parlay an EMS career into so I I elected to move into the private sector and got a job doing basically the same thing at a mine in a remote environment, worked 2 weeks straight with 2 weeks off , less stress and an enviable salary."


"On the surface this was a sweet gig , almost heaven compared to the regular stretcher jockey job I came from and it would have been such if not for the absolute psychopath who managed the EMS services out there."


"I didn’t work directly from the mine’s operator, instead I was employed by a contractor. The coordinator( my local boss), as he was called was a golden boy as far as the Mine co. was concerned, there wasn’t an @$$ he didn’t kiss or big wig he wouldn’t suck up to and I admit he could be charming, quite adept at impersonating a human being actually. It wasn’t long before I discovered he reserved decency for everyone but his subordinates."



"His behavior started out as petty micromanaging, which was irritating but then progressed to insults, put downs , name calling ( “hey [email protected]$$” was his usual way to get my attention) and outright hostility. The man clearly enjoyed being a small time workplace despot and knew he could get away with it because of his reputation with our paymasters."


"It was around the 2 month mark before I really warmed up to my coworkers, there were 8 of us including myself and the [email protected]#t in chief and Not single one of them spoke a nice word about him . Most were resigned to him acting like a massive c#nt because the 2 week holiday every month along with the pay rate, they also told me every complaint only fell on deaf ears, provoked retaliation and again his relationship with the client made him neigh untouchable."


"This is when I started recording everything and did so with these two assumptions: 1. The company would only act with serious proof of malfeasance 2. His acts of bastardry would only escalate. Neither assumption proved false.

I had nearly 3 months of audio tapes of him being juat his regular @$$hole self before he went too far."


"About a week into the shift I showed up to our station and was called into his office only to be informed I was being let go and my replacement would be there in a few hours,I was to go back to our accommodations, pack my [email protected]#t up and report back there. ” well [email protected]#k” I thought before doing as I was bidden. Upon arriving back to the office with my suitcases this sadist started laughing and said ” no one’s coming to replace you ! You’re so [email protected]#king gullible !”. It was a mock firing and I’m sure he feverishly jacked himself off to it later that night."


"I was livid and let loose on him finally ending a tirade with a malicious hint ” can you imagine what the office would do if they could have heard all this [email protected]#t?”. unrepentant to the last he coldly stared at me before replying ” can you imagine what they would do if a bunch of empty beer cans turned up and I told the office I saw you drinking ?”"


"Having recorded all this and knowing my glorious victory was assured, I feigned capitulation to carry on with my day. My first day off I sent in a detailed letter to the company along with recordings and as expected they fired his @$$. What came after was righteous cackling laughter…for hours.

I wonder is this how Napoleon felt after winning at Austerlitz?"









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