Organic Meat VS Non-Organic – What Makes Organic Meat Worthwhile?

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Organic meat is becoming more popular as the days go by. Butchers and other meat-selling businesses are starting to look for it for the sake of those who prefer it. Why this, you ask?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what the meaning of ‘organic’ meat is exactly. On top of that, we’ll look at some of the major benefits and a couple of disadvantages that come with using it.

Shall we get started?

Organic Meat VS Non-Organic – What Makes Organic Meat Worthwhile?

What Makes Meat Organic?

Organic meat is any meat product that comes from an animal that had no processed or artificial products/chemicals used on it.

For example, organic beef would come from a grass-fed cow that had been left to roam freely in a paddock. The paddock would not contain any artificial sprays either.

On top of that, the cow would not have any artificial immune boosters, vitamins, or stimulants included in its diet. Everything about the way the cow is raised is as close to nature as possible.

Organically raised animals are kept in conditions that are as near to the wild as possible. The only major difference is that they are kept safely behind fences while still having enough space to move around freely.

Advantages of Organic Meat

#1 – Organic Meat Does Not Contain Unnatural Pesticides

Because the organically fed animals’ food was kept free of pesticides, so too will the meat be free of them.

If an animal product is labeled organic, you can rest assured that there is nothing unnatural in the meat. While most artificial pesticides are of little risk in meat, they definitely can have an impact on the meat, so this is quite good to know.

#2 – Organic Meat Will Always be Fresh

Organic meat is also void of any preservatives. There is no method to keep organic meat for longer than it is naturally capable. (Aside from refrigeration, obviously)

While this means that the meat will go bad faster than typical meat, it also means that your meat is definitely fresh as it won’t last long.

Some processed meat can be kept for even a full week and you won’t notice the difference. Organic meat will start to have a smell to it even after a few days, meaning you know you can rely on it.

#3 – Organic Meat Has More Nutrients

As preservatives and stimulants are added to regular meat, nutrients are reduced. This is especially true with cuts of meat that have been kept for some time. The older the meat, the fewer the nutrients.

Organic meat contains the most nutrients that a cut of meat can possibly have. It works much the same way as fresh, organic vegetables.

#4 – Organic Meat isn’t Genetically Modified

These days, there are options for genetically modified animals. The typical goal for these genetic modifications is to produce an animal that is stronger and bigger, allowing the seller to get more meat out of it.

Unfortunately, this increase in size and strength does not necessarily mean the meat tastes better. Genetically modified meat tends to be tougher than organic meat.

On top of this, the majority of genetically modified animals actually have weaker immune systems than ordinary, natural-born animals.

#5 – Organic Meat Tastes Better

Have you ever tasted a filet mignon made with organic New Zealand beef? The meat melts in your mouth to the point that you barely even need to chew!

On the other hand, an identical cut of meat from a typical cow tastes alright but usually has a bit more of a tough bite to it.

This is the case with all forms of organic meat. It simply tastes far better than ordinary meat. The lack of additives and natural taste and nutrition of organic meat leaves you feeling much more satisfied!

Disadvantages of Organic Meat

#1 – Organic Meat Tends to be More Expensive

Raising an animal without the advantages of processed food, immunity boosters, and genetic modifiers like the ones from is expensive. The cost of labor and resulting smaller animal leaves the seller with less product to work with.

This naturally causes the price of the meat to go up. The price of organic meat is simply out of some people’s reach.

That being said, once you’ve purchased and eaten organic meat, you’ll soon realize that it is well worth that extra cost. The improved taste and nutrition of organic meat is well worth it!

#2 – Organic Meat can be More Difficult to Acquire

While more places are seeking to acquire organic meat options, it is still difficult to acquire in some places. Most people have the option to get flash-frozen organic meat sent to them.

Obviously, fresh organic meat is much better than flash frozen. However, it could still be worth a look.

If you have the option to purchase organic meat from a local source, we suggest you do so. This is especially true if you can get it directly from a farm, as you will cut down the cost of it going to a butcher.

#3 – Organic Meat Tends to Expire Quicker than Non-Organic Meat

As we mentioned earlier, organic meat does not contain preservatives or any means to keep it from expiring quickly. Most organic meat will not last more than a couple of days before it starts to degrade.

If you do want to switch to organic meat, you will likely need to buy it no more than a day or two before you plan to use it. You cannot buy a bulk amount and hold onto it for a week as you can with some other meats.

Again, if you have a local organic meat source, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. If not, you may have to consider flash freezing your organic meat.

Do You Want to Go Organic?

We hope you have a better understanding of what organic meat is now and whether or not it will work for you.

If you can find a local source for it, we strongly recommend looking into it.

We promise you won’t regret it!







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