Don’t Melt – Keep Cool This Summer With These Tips

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Don’t Melt – Keep Cool This Summer With These Tips


Summertime is great for many things, as the Sun shines, outdoor activities become more enjoyable as you no longer have to contend with the cold, the days get longer and provide us more time to enjoy nature and the beautiful weather makes every excursion outdoors feel wonderous.

You should be picking up on a trend now, if you’re outdoors Summer and warm weather is excellent for you, after all who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold lemonade while lounging in the Sun? But for those of us stuck inside working, Summer time can be a struggle.

As the weather gets warmer outside, the temperature indoors also rises, which can be problematic for those of us working from home, often in improvised home offices with computers that can get warm. All of this ends up with working from home being mostly unenjoyable during the Summer as we try to fight the heat.

But there are a few ways you can overcome the blistering heat while you’re stuck indoors to try keep yourself comfortable and cool!

1 – Circulate Air In Your Home

Circulating air in your home is a must for keeping cool, in your home air will likely only get hotter and if air isn’t circulating around your home, you’ll end up with rooms that have a stale yet annoying heat in them, to remedy this you need cool air coming in and hot air leaving.

To get better circulation in your home, it’s recommended to keep windows open as well as internal doors in your home to allow air to move about. You can further improve your home’s circulation by having a fan near a window to draw in cool air from outside and spread it around your home. This should allow the air in your home to move freely and stop the air from becoming stale.

2 – Stop Heat Entering your Home

Now you have a fan set up by a window to draw in cool air, it’s time to stop heat from coming in with it. recommends keeping your blinds and curtains shut during the day to stop heat from entering your home through your windows or install awnings outside your windows to shade them from heat rays.

Don’t worry about air circulation, even with your blinds or curtains pulled to, air will still enter your home if you have a window open, if things start to get a bit stuffy, you can slightly open your blinds to allow more air through, but make sure not to open them too much or they’ll let heat in.

3 – Cut Out Extra Heat

If you’ve followed tips 1 and 2, you should have stopped heat coming into your home as much as possible, now it’s time to focus indoors and limit the amount of heat you’re producing inside your home which can cause temperatures to rise indoors.

In terms of what makes heat indoors, there are a few offenders to keep an eye out for: Ovens heat up your food, but they also heat your home, so avoid cooking as much as possible during the day; Warm showers and baths also radiate heat in your home, so switching to cool showers will stop that; and finally if you’re working from home, your PC will be radiating heat, so make sure you turn it off during lunch or when you’re not using it to avoid extra heat indoors.

4 – Other Tips

Once you’ve done all we’ve mentioned above, there are still a few things you can do to keep cool at home, none will be as impactful as the big changes we’ve mentioned, but to quote the Supermarket Tesco “Every little helps”.

So a few extra ways to keep cool are: Have a fan on when it’s warm, change into seasonal clothes like shorts to let your body breath, use ice in your drinks to lower your body temperature, have naps around mid-day to avoid the worst of the heat, and when you’re too hot run your wrists under cold water to cool your blood.






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