5 Tips for Those Who Want to Start Dating in Australia

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Single and searching for love in the Great Southern Land?

There are no formal dating rules in Australia. Everyone’s just going for it and figuring it out as they go. Cool, adaptable, and laid-back, the Australian dating culture allows people to date and slowly get to know each other.

However, starting a relationship can feel like sailing in uncharted waters, regardless of how many times you may have done it. There is no map, and every person you dated had unique personality traits, desires, and needs. So while there may be challenges, we got you some tips to help you find that lasting love you’re looking for and building a worthwhile relationship in Australia.

5 Tips for Those Who Want to Start Dating in Australia

     1.  Determine What You Want

We all have preferences for a partner. So, think about the physical attributes you’re most attracted to, the personalities you enjoy, and what do you presume to gain out of dating.

Dating in Australia is not similar to dating in the USA. For example, it’s not cool to date several partners at the same time. That’s why searches for your ideal partner can take much more time. Also, Australians prefer group dates rather than one on one dates. So it would be best if you understood what you are looking for to get results quicker. For example, do you only want just to meet a new person or want a serious connection? Do you want someone humorous, creative, or serious? Do you hate jealous guys/girls?

     2.  Signup at Online Dating Sites

There’s no scarcity of places where you can meet new folks in Australia— you’re your current educational institution from social sports events to local bars and pubs.

Lately, however, dating sites like Tinder, Cupid, and Hinge have become the normal places for meeting and even dating people in Australia. Due to the recent popularity of online dating, special services can help you find the best and safest site to sign up with. Datingreviews is one of those services that provide the newest reviews of dating sites with prices, pros and cons, real expert testimonials. The biggest advantage is that it is specialized in Australian dating sites to make it easier for local singles to find new connections in Melbourne or Sydney.

With online dating sites and apps, you can easily find new friends and arrange dates. And in case you two don’t seem to connect, you can simply move on to other dates without being embarrassed or feeling awkward.

     3.  Master the Art of Flirting

Oftentimes, flirting is viewed as a secret art, but it’s rather easy and common. Smiling and eye contact is the most effective flirting technique around. So, just by showing genuine happiness and making eye contact during casual conversations, connections will eventually follow.

If you think that the person you’re talking to seems like a good match, then slowly up your flirting game and show interest. You can do this by teasing, breaking the touch barrier, and showing genuine interest by asking questions.

     4.  Make The First Move and Be Your Best Self

Take note that Australia has a progressive dating culture, so anyone can approach just about anyone. Whether you’re a female, male, gay, or non-binary, if you are interested in someone and already made a connection, then feel free to make the first move. Interesting fact: In Australia, women initiate more dates than men, so be ready to get an invitation instead of waiting for a call.

Now, when you’re on a date, make sure that you’ll be yourself around your special friend. Do you change when you’re around that special person? Hopefully, not much. Sometimes change can be a nice thing if someone helps you mature and evolve. However, if you behave in ways that contradict who you really are to impress or satisfy that person, you’re dating the wrong one.

Remember: Real affection is when someone is attracted to you and accepts you for who you are.

     5.  Learn To Handle Rejection

At some point, everyone searching for love will experience rejection— both as the person doing the rejecting or the one being rejected. It is an inevitable part of dating, after all.

Sure, it can be hurtful, especially for the one being rejected, but by staying positive and spending less time worrying about it, handling rejection can be less intimidating. You can acknowledge your feelings of disappointment or sadness, but don’t dwell on them and learn from the experience.


Dating allows you to have a good time with new people and possibly meet a romantic partner. While starting to date can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be stressful. By following the above tips, searching for love can be easier, and the whole dating process can offer you a fun and adventurous experience.


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