Professional orientation before entering College

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Professional orientation before entering College


It's no secret that higher education increases a person's chances of finding a good and highly paid job. That is why the number of graduates applying to higher educational institutions is increasing every year. At the first stage, the future student faces a serious problem: choosing a future profession that will help him make a successful career. Besides, there are numerous tests and writing assignments that need to be passed to be accepted to a College. As a student, I had struggled with essay writing, so I contacted qualified professionals who could write my paper for me.


It is good if the applicant has decided on the choice of a future profession since childhood. But what if a student has good abilities for several disciplines at once? Unfortunately, not all people have the finances to pay for a second higher education.

How can you determine which profession is suitable for you?

To choose the right specialty that matches your interests and abilities, you can take a career guidance test. This is a test developed by specialists based on advanced techniques, which allows you to assess your skills and choose the right future profession. After passing the test, you will get a clear idea of what field you should build a career in and what specialty will help you realize your potential.

Very often, parents put pressure on graduates to choose their future careers. At the insistence of moms and dads who have made a successful career, their children often enter the same university, even if they have no vocation for the parental profession. As a result, parents achieve the exact opposite effect: their children are building a career in a completely different field. That is why, in order not to be disappointed in your choice, it is important to rely solely on your own opinion, interests, and abilities.

Remember that in no case should you rush when choosing a future profession. If you can not decide on your career path, you can ask for help from the career guidance center.

The specialized center provides consultations for graduates who have difficulties integrating into society. Qualified employees of the institution assist young graduates who have faced their first problems in adult life.

Psychologists and social workers of the center use various techniques in their work with graduates, which are aimed at making important decisions and forming independent life skills. Methods and career guidance games are actively used, which increase the motivation of young people to work and allow them to master new social roles for themselves.

Many school graduates experience uncertainty and doubts before entering the university. This problem can be easily solved: it is enough to pass a test for career guidance. Usually, such tests include a variety of questions: evaluating an object according to specified parameters, choosing the most attractive alternatives, solving problems, choosing decisions in certain situations.


The career guidance test will help graduates get answers to the following questions:
        a list of specialties that are suitable for you based on an analysis of your abilities, interests, and character;
        in which universities you can get the appropriate education;
        how to realize the abilities necessary to build a successful career in areas that are attractive to students.

In addition, I want to give some tips that will be useful for graduates in choosing the right profession:
        Communicate more with representatives of different professions, ask about the pros and cons of their work;
        Visit the career guidance center, where competent specialists and psychologists will help you determine your capabilities and interests;
        Do not miss the opportunity to visit the workspace of your friends and relatives;
        Do not be afraid to try your hand at several professions: only by trial and error you can choose the career that you like;
        Do not limit your views: if you have received a liberal arts education, this does not prevent you from building a career in economics.

Undergraduates need to be aware of subcultures since the College years are the time when people usually start to identify themselves as part of society.

Subcultures have already become so firmly embedded in our daily life that we sometimes do not even notice their proximity to us. Although if we consider the question more objectively, maybe the person reading these lines is himself a representative of a subculture and does not consider this fact something out of the ordinary. The meetings and symposiums held in Europe by the Goths and other representatives of the trends not only do not cause surprise to others but also represent a social unit since they quite legitimately exercise their constitutional right to freedom of conscience and everything that follows from it.


Many trends in youth circles are rather imitative and are fan movements. Among them, we can note the followers of the creator of the epic saga about the brotherhood of Tolkien's ring, fans of space fiction, who, in turn, represent two camps — fans of " Star Wars" and fans of Star Trek". Organizing annual gatherings and festivals, they are not only a full-fledged subculture, with their own traditions and rules, but also a very powerful society of consumers, on which the whole industry for the production of attributes and accessories rests.

Just as the disco direction appeared in the 80s, which began to inexorably multiply and change, reaching the number of 500 different musical directions by today, so the ways of self-realization with the help of behavioral features are only increasing. Hippies, punks, "emo", "Goths", "Tolkienists" companions, "Darth Vader" a la "Skywalkers" and many, many, many others only help a person to reveal his inner potential, as well as to express in some cases a kind of protest. As a disadvantage, these hobbies take a very solid time and have a bad effect on students ' academic performance. Therefore, you should not neglect teachers’ advice on attending lectures.


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