Finding the Top Rated Online Slots in 2022

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UK online casinos come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect place for online gambling isn't as simple as you might think. Even if you know which online casino games you want to play, you still have to choose between all the sites that are hosting those same games.

If you're hunting for a new part of the online casino industry to play at, here are some things to consider before you commit to a single website.

Finding the Top Rated Online Slots in 2022


Online Casino Bonus Features

Bonuses are always important for casino sites. Whether it's table games, live casino games, video poker or bingo, understanding the bonus games can help you decide if that casino site is worth playing at.

For example, bonus spins for real-money slots can make your money go further, and a solid first deposit bonus might offer you some bonus funds that can get you started. If you're new to the online slot machine gaming experience, then these bonus offers might help you learn without risking real money on your bets.

Of course, new sites also have new rules. Make sure you look into bonus terms before you start playing: you might not be able to withdraw free slots money immediately after a win, and free spins might expire within a set number of days if you don't use them up. Whole this is entirely legal, casinos aren't always upfront about the limits you need to follow.

Another good example is limits to your casino account attempts to withdraw. Sometimes you'll have certain wagering requirements that have to be met before you can withdraw the money earned from free spins. Other times, bonus funds might only apply to some eligible games and can't be used for others.

As long as you play responsibly, deposit bonus codes and welcome bonus offerings aren't a bad thing, but you need to know the rules and restrictions they impose on your account. For some people, not having a bonus can be better, since it frees up any restrictions on winnings.

Game Variety in UK Online Casinos

Slot machines are essentially an instant-play game with very little learning needed, especially compared to bingo sites, live roulette, and other games. However, that doesn't make free online slots any less complex, and there can be some amazing variety on the right sites.

Each game will have different casino software running it, and software providers are able to make different slots with unique gameplay. Bonus rounds can change, winning combinations can cover any number of winning lines. Even popular names like Rainbow Riches and Fluffy Favourites still have functional differences.

Many of the best online casino leading software providers are popular because they produce more than generic branded slots, adding something new to the UK market with brand new casino slots and features. This could be something as small as a special free spins bonus, or as big as an entire sub-game after each round.

Remember to always play responsibly, whether it's with solo slots or live dealer games. There's no game that's so good it's worth spending all of your money on, and you need to be reasonable with your budget, especially as a new player.

Online Casinos Software and Security

Nobody wants their information stolen. Many UK casino sites aim to provide the best online security possible, but there are still many online casino sites that use different methods or have particular security measures which others don't.

The most popular online slots are usually the ones that people can trust most. Playing slot games requires that you actually deposit money and give up details that you don't want to spread around the internet. Identifying safe and legitimate UK casinos can seem tricky, but there are some easier ways to tell.

If a site isn't properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, then they might not be a legitimate gambling site: all gaming websites that operate in the UK have to be registered with them. A site with no connection to the Commission can not only scam casino players easier, but isn't technically even a legal casino.

Online Gambling Fairness

While the RTP of a casino game isn't set by the site that hosts it, there are still some things that UK players will want to watch out for when they try a new casino. Look for things like progressive jackpots not being paid out properly or casino bonuses having terms that weren't immediately obvious to the player.

This usually isn't illegal, but it can result in situations where a new UK gaming site is already throwing curveballs at you. If a bonus game doesn't work in the way you expected or you have restrictions on your payment method that are obviously meant to get money out of you, then that site might not be ideal for you.

Some of this is simply how gambling works - the real problem is extreme cases, like situations where a casino site demands a high minimum deposit from a new player. Always gamble responsibly and don't risk spending more than you can afford or feel comfortable with.


A lot of sites have some kind of mobile app or can function on a mobile phone browser, but not all of them. Mobile devices often rely on good mobile apps to play slots, and a site that doesn't have one might be hard for mobile-only players to enjoy.

The same can be said for payments. If you prefer playing with Bitcoin gambling, you will need a site that can support it as a method of payment, unless you want to convert it into regular cash before depositing.

There will always be limits to the outside systems, payments and demographics that a casino can target, which sometimes means that a UK-only site won't be playable if you leave the UK (since they only have a UK licence but aren't licensed in any other country). Keep this in mind if you travel a lot and might play across multiple devices at different times.

If you need to check out the best rated slot sites online, then there are plenty of places to start looking, including some long lists of top-quality casinos to try.




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