Funny Ways To Mess Up Your Job Interview… (18 GIFS)

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"They asked if I was flexible and I responded with “yeah, I love yoga.”"


"I had a friend who was in a car accident on his way to a major interview for his dream job. He only had minor injuries, but there was a good bit of blood.

The wreck happened two blocks from the office, so after he dealt with the police and had his car towed, he walked there.

He came in with blood all over his shirt and a bandage on his forehead, limping badly. He told the receptionist that he was running late for an interview. She buzzed the guy interviewing him, who came out and saw him.

My friend explained what had happened, and told the guy that he hated to have to reschedule, but he REALLY, REALLY wanted this job. The guy laughed, then gave him a ride to the ER. Turned out he had a fractured skull and a green-stick fracture of his wrist.

He got the job."



"Showed up and it was being conducted by my ex gfs mother."


"I did a little too much research before I went into the interview. I found out who was going to be interviewing me and looked her up. This was earlier in the internet days so people weren’t comfortable with Linked In or Facebook back then.

But I had found this out about the interviewer and then during the interview I go, “You know what I mean, you went to Boston College.”

The look on her face was of pure terror. I was immediately apologetic but I never recovered from that one."



"I told them I loved that their company was international and I was hopeful that I could eventually prove my worth and move to another location because I hated the state I had recently moved to. No one wants to hear that.

Ah, to be 22 and naive again…"


"When asked if I was a dog person or cat person, I said I was definitely a dog person and “I respect cats, but they are generally @$$holes.”

Interviewer had given me a tour of the facility earlier and interacted with some employees with f-bombs and telling one to stop watching porn on company laptops.

I misread that to think it was okay to be more casual in the interview. Calling cats @$$sholes was mentioned in the rejection letter."



"Wore a pair of my wife’s pants to the interview. We had just moved and my dress pants hadn’t made it to the new place. All I had was one pair of jeans and one pair of sweat pants.

They wanted me to come in within the hour as an interview slot had opened up. I was just going to tell them it was too short notice, but didn’t think that sounded like the kind of can-do attitude that would get me the job.

So….my wife and I are roughly the same height and build. And she had some plain black dress pants. I tried them on and they fit just fine. So off I went. Now, these pants didn’t look at all right.

If you saw me, it’s not like you would think “that dude has women’s pants on!” It would be more like “what is UP with that dude’s pants?”"



"They just didn’t hang right, but at the same time it wasn’t really clear why. I was like a walking conundrum…I could see people looking at me with that head slightly tilted, deeply confused look that screamed “that’s not right….BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY!”.

Anyway, once I was sitting behind the table nobody could see below my waist, so the actual interview went quite well. Getting up, shaking hands, and leaving was awkward though. Again, I could just sense confusion wash over the office as I left the building.

Didn’t get the job in the end, so of course I will always blame those pants!"


"I was asked if I wanted something to drink. Got a small can of grapefruit juice. Juice went down the wrong pipe. I coughed for 75% of the interview time. Shockingly, I was not offered the job."


"They asked me what kind of vegetable best describes me and I said “a banana.”"


"I had a great interview and then I shook everyone’s hand and walked out but instead of using the correct door i walked into a closet."


"Misunderstood the job and spent the hour giving my experience and explaining why I would be a good candidate for a different role. It wasn’t until the end where he actually says “you know this is a ____ role don’t you?”

I shook his hand and left."


"Sat down. Had a cup of water. Interviewer said a genuinely funny joke. Squirted drink out my nose while laughing because my mouth was busy taking a sip."


"I had a great interview in a hospital. I was studying to be a nurse, it would be my very first job. I was very nervous, but all went well untill the following happened: “Why do you want to be a nurse?”

“Well, almost no one wants to be hospitalized….” I was cut off: “NO ONE wants to be hospitalized” so bright me said “Well.. you can always count in the hypochondriacs!”

It’s a real mental illness, where people actually believe they have diseases, while they don’t. It can result in actual symptoms. It’s very serious and shouldn’t be mocked.

I have no idea where it came from. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. It’s been ten years but still haunts me every now and then."


"I had been interviewing at a couple places, and had two interviews on back-to-back days. Different companies. I decided that I was just going to wear the same outfit for both interviews.

Well, I finished the 2nd interview and it had gone pretty good. I was walking out with the HR lady and she suddenly stopped, picked something up, and said “oops! You dropped this”.

There. In her hand. Was a pair of dirty underwear. We both realize this at the same moment. She quickly dropped them. I ran over, picked them up, put them in my pocket, apologized, and left.

Apparently the pair of underwear I had worn the day before had been stuck in my pant leg. I have no idea how I didn’t notice it."


"“Why do you want to be a Residential Assistant?” (Basically college dorm helper for freshmen)

The money… But don’t say the money… What did I write on my application???!

“I… I don’t know.”

Didn’t get the job."


"I was applying to write the game board advertisements for Hasbro. Harry Potter was very, very new. I had never heard of him.

Interviewer: How about this Harry Potter? Me: Who’s he, is that a teddy bear?

I remember nothing after that."


"My friend, when asked if he had any questions by the interviewer asked, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”"







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