The world's best female basketball players

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The worlds best female basketball players


Female basketball has become quite the niche in the past decade or so, and the WNBA is the main reason as to why the hype emerged. The league's first season started in the late 90s, and the talent pool really just grew from there on. Most players come out of schooling and wish to pursue the sport as a full-time career, while others selectively choose to commit to teams as the teams become better and more renowned. Nevertheless, the WNBA is certainly a force to be reckoned with, as they have some very talented players.


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Below are some of the best female basketball players to have ever played on the courts of the WNBA seasons to pass.

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie played from 1997 (the beginning of the league) up until 2009, giving her over a decade of solid presence within the sport. She was definitely a remarkable player that many talk about up until today. Many of the WNBA today, are still trying to reach her level of execution, but alas not many are able to do so.


Towering at 6 ft 5, she was very agile, and was able to surpass defenders on the court without any hesitation. She is quite the household name in basketball today, and in fact, she was the first ever player to dunk within the WNBA league all together. So undoubtedly, she must go down as one of the best and dominant players within the entire WNBA.

Diana Taurasi

Next, we have Diana Taurasi, who is arguably one of the best guards in all of WNBA combined history. Still playing until present day, she has the average of 19.6 points in every game that she plays. In addition to this, she has played a total of 15 seasons thus far, and no player has ever managed to score as many points within WNBA as her to date.


She has a spectacular offensive style that not many players can stop, on the court. That is why her average is impeccably high, and she will go down as an all-time class player for the sport even when she has long retired and called it a day of making records on court.

Maya Moore

Last but not least to make the top three spots, we have Maya Moore. Maya has been actively playing from 2011, until 2018, giving her almost a decade in the sport. It is very hard to argue that Maya is not a player of substance, as she has Olympic records, NCAA records and enough trophies to fill up her entire career when we add WNBA into the mix.


She is a world class act, because in all 8 seasons of her career, she has always been named in the All-WNBA squad, and she also led the Minnesota Lynx squad for four seasons and championships. Many were stunned when she called it a day in 2018, but she left the hardware behind in the halls of glory to recall her name, long after her departure. 




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