What would the world be like without women?

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What would the world be like without women?


Serious question. While women are often portrayed by the male perspective, as the nagging alternative of the human species, we all know that women do not nag, but rather the opposite. Men just do not listen. Maybe it would take just a day without women on the face of the planet, for men to actually appreciate the contributions to humankind that women do. Hey, you never really see a woman complain, do you? Give a man just a fraction of the female responsibilities, i.e. period cramps, birthing children, running a business- all at once, and men just don’t know how to do it. Simple.


Men are good for minor things, such as gaming, watching sports, and so on. And gambling, let’s not forget about gambling. Of course, women can do that too, but men just have a knack for knack for it don’t they? If you are of the male species reading this, there are some best free to play betting games that you can get access to, just in case there is far too much feminism in this article for you to hack. You can back out right now. If you are still intrigued, this article will explain exactly what would happen to the world if women were not present-just for a day.

Less money spent on things that matter

Before you get all defensive about this, there are statistics to prove it. In fact, the World Bank Study from Brazil found that women were more likely to spend their salaries for the benefit of a family unit and household. With women in charge of households, offspring were 20% more likely to survive and go off into the world with a sustained mental health and well-being. Men were found to invest their money more for selfish reasons than men. There you go, the statistics never lie.

Less people to volunteer and act us unpaid help

Women spend much more of their time without receiving a penny to compensate for their time. Child bearing and acting as mothers to children is of course the biggest and most powerful example. Having a child for a mother is a full-time job (40 hours plus), and imagine women go onto doing this and working, after their maternity leave is up. However, beyond that, women were more likely to volunteer for necessary community services such as museums, libraries etc. Women on average spend 4 hours and 47 minutes a day committing to unpaid work-superwoman exists in every household it seems.

Say goodbye to cheap labour

The gender pay gap is real. Forbes took figures from the Global Gender Gap Report to prove it. Apparently, women do the same jobs as men, and earn $9,000 less annually than men. Most of the time women are still earning half their counterpart males are getting, for doing the same job. Pay gaps are super prominent within the ‘poor south’, but what is really shocking is, the USA is still up there for paying men more than women. A country which prides itself on liberty, freedom and financial independence, still is stuck in the prehistoric ages.


Maybe after reading this, take appreciation for the women in your life. The figures show how resilient they are, and how much they put up with every single day. What would we do without our women?





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