A Mobile Casino at Your Fingertips

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We all lead busy lives and this has led to more of us sourcing the internet for far more than booking our vacations or doing the weekly shop.


Today, we can shop for goods and services, complete all of our banking, keep in touch with friends and family via our social media choices, view movies, listen to music, just about anything is accessible through the internet as long as you have a stable internet connection.


In 2021 convenience is the name of the game and as technology has advanced so has the hardware we use.

A Mobile Casino at Your Fingertips


The Move to Online Casinos

Possibly one of the biggest success stories over the last couple of decades is the online gambling industry. Always at the forefront when championing new technology and innovative ideas, the gambling industry was one of the first to make the move online which put it lightyears ahead in the online market.


Together with the acceptance of online gambling as nothing to be ashamed of as well as tighter rules and restrictions laid out by well respected Gambling Commissions and/or Gaming Authorities sites like  fruityking.co.uk have gone from strength to strength until they now provide online casino games to millions of players throughout the world.


It’s pretty safe to say that the last couple of years have been unlike any other and as social venues closed even more people turned online for some fun and entertainment, and a great many of those players have chosen to remain sourcing their games online even with the reopening of the physical casinos.


What Makes the Online Casino so Popular?


             Convenient - You can pick up your favourite game whenever and wherever you happen to be as long as you can access a stable internet connection. Games you are booked into can also be played through if you happen to lose your connection so you will never miss out on your chance at a win.
             Safe and secure, online casinos are well aware of the threat of identity theft or fraud. All of the best-quality sites make use of the latest security software in order to make certain that their players' confidential details (including their banking details) are kept private. For those that want even more layers of security then there is also the ‘pay by phone bill’* option to fund their accounts.
             With generous bonuses and promotional offers available, playing online has never been so much fun. The welcome bonus for new players is usually the largest on offer and can really boost your bankroll enabling you to enjoy games you might not have first considered.
             Today you can also play live online casino games which are about as close as you can get to playing in a physical casino. Streamed from a bricks and mortar venue these games take place in real time, and are hosted by a live dealer or croupier.
             With no outgoings for maintaining a building the choice of online casino games is far larger than you would find at a physical casino so there is sure to be something to suit everyone.


*The ‘pay by phone bill’ depositing option means that you can play for your games via your monthly phone bill or have the cost of them deducted from your pay-as-you-go account which in effect cancels out the need to give your banking details to the online casino site for deposits. 




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