Weird Dating Stories With Single Moms

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Dating can be difficult for anyone, especially for single moms. Juggling work, kids, and dating is almost impossible. That's why it's hard for lots of them to find free time and the energy to date. But, as we all know, crazy things happen in the dating world. Dating sites, nannies, friends all come in handy. Online and offline. These unusual dating stories with single mums show that. 

Weird Dating Stories With Single Moms


Don't I Know You?


I always liked older women but had no luck with meeting them. Out of fun, I tried to do it online. I started swiping through profiles, and soon enough, got a match! She was a beautiful single mom. I quickly sent her a short introduction text. After an hour, she replied, saying that I looked very familiar to her. I didn't know where she had met me, but we continued chatting. All of a sudden she said: „I know where I know you from! I used to babysit you as a kid! I was your neighbor!“ I was shocked, but then I started remembering her. That was a weird situation, but we decided to go for a coffee.


Long Time No See


I like older women. But in the past, I didn't dare to talk to any woman in person. Online dating sites were a logical next step. Everybody was chatting all the time already. It looked familiar, so I didn’t think twice before joining the specialized local site. While browsing hot moms near me on the site a friend showed me, I noticed a familiar face. I knew her from somewhere but couldn’t recall, so I had to check her profile. It was my old nurse. For days I was chickening out before hitting “Send”. But then, one morning, I did it. I sent a message to her. It turned out she remembered me, so we chatted for a while. Then she reached out to me first. Long story short, I’m dating a single mom who gave me injections 20 years ago.


A Chance Encounter


My dating story begins with a chance encounter. One day, I decided to take my son to the park. My mum went with us. I sat on the bench while my son played with his grandma. I was staring at random GIFs on my phone when a stranger woke me up: „Excuse me, is this your mirror?“ I looked up. A tall, handsome guy was holding my pocket mirror. „Yes, it must've fallen out of my purse, thanks!“, I said through a smile. Then he introduced himself. We started talking. We discovered we are both dog lovers with kids. Now, we’re planning our first-weekend getaway. 


Not you Again!


Being a single divorced mum, I don't have much time, but I still want to date, so I made myself a profile on a dating site. There was a personality test that pairs you with matches based on interests. Some members had no profile pictures, but I decided to give it a shot. The site paired me with this seemingly great guy. Still, I didn't find out many details about him. He invited me on a date after a week of chatting. Maybe I'm crazy, but I decided to go. When I came into the coffee shop, I was surprised because I saw my ex-husband at one of the tables. My decision to say hi before my date arrived seemed logical. He asked me what was bringing me there. I decided to be honest and told him I'm on a date. Surprisingly, he told me he's on a date too! My mysterious date was my ex! We sure had many things in common – our kids, the mortgage, and 6 years of marriage.


Dating situations with single mums can have a happy ending, or they can turn to horror stories. The only sure thing is that they can get weird. Still, that doesn't keep anyone from finding their match.




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