Best paying part-time jobs for international students in USA: find your perfect resume service

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MD: Most often work chosen by international students is the one in which it is possible to work part-time. How to get such a job and what services can help you, we will find out here together.

Student work life during studying and the role of the resume paper in it

In most cases, having a job for a student is a very important opportunity. Even while studying at a university in their home country, most students are looking for opportunities to find a job that can be combined with their studies. Such part-time work is a type of activity that allows you to save your life time as much as possible for study as well. But sometimes, with all the desire of an international student to find a job, this is a very difficult task. There are some reasons like high competition for one job and sometimes a lack of knowledge of the language of the country in which you are studying.

As a student begins to take their first steps, it is very important to have the support of those who have the right qualifications for this. Therefore, creating a resume by the best resume writing service is such an important thing. Even if it seems that a resume for students is not a must, it is not always true. Every company wants to know more about your capabilities. Even if you are at the beginning of your career.

How to choose a professional resume service that will positively affect your career

The use of the resume writing service and cover letter writing service has repeatedly proven its positive impact on the careers of paper customers. The fact is that no matter how professional you are, sometimes it is quite difficult to collect information about yourself in the correct format. Given the busyness of student life, most do not have time to make mistakes and receive rejections from employers. What a student needs is to receive an invitation to an interview, where he will do everything possible to get a job position. What an experienced top resume writer helps you, in this case, is to arrange information about you in such a way that the employer sees your greatest strengths.


This will win over the HR department and give you a better chance of getting interviews. It doesn't matter if you want to get a part-time job in customer service or work as a remote programmer. The writers of the resume service will make sure to tailor the resume to suit your goals. We have created for you reviews of companies that have created resumes for students. Some of them have created excellent papers, while others have not quite lived up to expectations. Check out whom you can trust below.

Professional 1ResumeWritingService

One of the top resume services, according to students, is 1ResumeWritingService due to their reliability and personal approach. What the students say is that the resume created by the writers here is adapted for the specific part-time job that the student needs. 

Erwin Gunngen from Berlin tells us in his testimonial that his dream was to start his career in the Customer Success department at one of the companies. Seeing an open work position, he turned to 1ResumeWritingService for a cover letter writing service and a resume creating service. The papers he received surpassed all expectations. A week after submitting the application, he received an invitation for an interview and the work itself in the future. 

Among the company's advantages is the ability to create and edit resumes, cover letters, CV, or LinkedIn profiles. The company guarantees: 

     •   Fast delivery of the order. 

     •   Feedback from the writer. 

     •   24/7 online support. 

     •   A unique approach to your requirements. 

     •   Security of personal data. 

As experience shows, positive reviews cannot be hidden. And this company definitely has them.

Advantages about the work with

If you need a high-quality resume edit service as well as a cover letter edit service, you can contact The writers of this company actually know very well how to work with proofreading and editing processes. Also, here you can find the possibility of creating a dozen other papers, including a resume. The downside of working with is the sometimes stereotyped attitude towards students and creating resumes that are very similar to each other. 

Other aspects of working with this company remain at a fairly good level. Here you will also not pay a lot of money for 1 page of the paper, which is important for students.


Real reviews about

Among the list of best resume writing services, we found Interested in a large list of services and quality guarantees, we decided to look deeper. The first negative comment about the company was the one that spoke about the absence of a real system of discounts for any type of customer. Also, unfortunately, the company does not return money in case of complete non-compliance with your paper requirements. 

What you get here is:

     •   Compliance with the deadlines for writing a resume. 

     •   Possibility of free editing of the paper. 

     •   A resume of average quality. 

     •   Security of monetary transactions. 

This company is worth looking at if you don't expect to get the highest quality paper.

Expectations from

On the website, you can read customer reviews that the company personally provides to you. Unfortunately, here you can only find information on the positive aspects of collaboration. Starting on the negative side, we will tell you that there is a high probability that the company's writers are not native English speakers, which is not acceptable. We made such conclusions from Reddit reviews posted by students. 

Unfortunately, having a resume written in poor English will never get you a job. But what the company actually does is create the paper on time, take care of your safety and provide 24/7 customer support.


The effectiveness of the

This company positions its main activity as CV and resume writing service. In this case, deep knowledge of what is the process is assumed. So, at the time of placing your order, you will fill out a large list with your requirements and upload the required information. But unfortunately, not everything you want to include will be taken into account. 

The problem with this company is the wrong prioritization. By saying this, we mean that your resume will be delivered in exactly the number of parts that you have specified. But it will not be a paper telling important information about you. More than half of the clients were disappointed by the fact that they ignored their wishes for a resume. Having a fairly low pricing policy, this company is close to the template version of creating securities.


Getting a part-time job can be easier with the right help from professionals

What really matters is how you start your career. All your work activities will remain on the list of your achievements and will play a role in the future. Part-time job, which is already so important for students during their studies, is equally important in general. It is significant for students to understand that a lot depends exactly on their ambitions. And if you decide to get a good job now, helping with the first steps will be the key to your success. Thus, if you decide to find a job from which you will receive both satisfaction and invaluable experience, turn to reliable writing companies.

Remember that you can always check the ratings of the best companies to save your time and energy when choosing the right service. Trust the worthy and get a chance to develop your skills by getting the desired job.

As experience shows, positive reviews cannot be hidden. And this company definitely has them.

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