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Of the most popular first-person shooter games, Valorant has earned its spot as one of the best betting options. After all, it’s a game based on tactical skills, and the gameplay is on another level that will have you hooked to the screen throughout the game. Why? It’s a realistic and colorful game with a balance of chaos and tactics fueled by unique characters known as agents. Each agent brings in a different set of abilities, and you can always expect a twist in the game.

Whether you are the player or the bettor, there’s a lot to enjoy in this game. So, how do you choose an excellent Valorant betting site?

The Profit Margins

You do not want a bookie who is all about making money to the detriment of the bettors. If the profit margin on the site seems higher than average, keep looking until you find a good site. But why does this matter? Let’s start with an illustration. In an ideal world, you’ve got two possible outcomes when you flip a coin. It’s either heads or tails, and you assign each a probability of 50%. However, bookies can tell what outcome is more likely than the other and will thus assign a probability based on stats. So, the probability could change to something like 60 to 40. That’s how the best Valorant betting sites and how you can get better at reading the odds. Now, how can you compare which site gives the best profit margins? You study the odds over a period, e.g., over a month. Is there a site that consistently gives competitive odds? That’s the site to bet on!


The Betting Variety

As much as Valorant is an entertaining game, there are many more esports in the market which you can explore. It does not take much to understand their gameplay, and in a matter of time, you can increase your winning chances by casting your net wider. Does the site offer more games? Can you try your hand at more than Valorant? Along this line, also consider the betting options. The most common bets are match winners, total rounds, player versus player kills, outright winner, and overtime. Does the site offer all of these? It ultimately affects just how many wagers you can make and your possibility of making a kill.

The Security Measures

Even when transacting with digital currencies, you still expose yourself to hackers and cybercriminals when betting online. It’s up to you to take extra measures by assessing just how safe a betting site is by investigating its security layers. Does the site have SSL certification? What is its policy on sharing player information? Have trusted third-party sites raised concerns about the site’s data processing? When it comes to security, you are better off dealing with the best sites on the market. These will often heavily invest in safeguarding client data and put up extra security walls to keep hackers at bay. Other sites may not take security as seriously, and you should consider this when choosing to work with them.


The Bonuses

It’s almost impossible to come across a site that does not offer welcome bonuses to new players. Most sites now go a step further and offer ongoing promotions to keep the existing customers hooked. So, the first elimination round should be for sites that are not offering any bonuses. Next, read through the wagering requirements and figure out how fair they are as far as attainability goes. You don’t want to have the possibility of a bonus that you cannot even utilize because the rules are unfavorable.


Are there sites that pass the above tests? Sure, there are! You can find a very big list on

Here’s a tip- explore sites that also offer live and mobile betting for convenience as you bet on the go. Enjoy!




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