Are Australians The Best Gamblers Ever?

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The gambling world is massive. Earlier, it was tough to say whether one could safely make a substantial amount of profit from this activity. But with each passing day, the True Blue casino no deposit bonus appears to brighten the atmosphere. As such, the growth and revenue in this field are exponential. But did you know that gambling is not only limited to a particular country? Today, it is famous in many parts of the world, especially in Australia.


If you keep track of their gambling records, you will understand that Australians are passionate gamblers. With the numerous successful gamblers who live in this country and so much more, it is evident that Australians are the best gamblers ever. But if you wish to take a closer look and inspect, you are most welcome.

Today, Australia is home to some of the most famous casinos in the world. That is why people who enjoy games cannot have enough of them. Today, Australia is also known as the gambling capital of the world. But this is in regards to the gambling losses per capita. In this article, we will talk about Australians and whether their gambling skills are genuinely the best.

Do All Aussies Gamble?

Betting is famous everywhere, but when it comes to Australians, they take it seriously. Recent reports suggest that nearly two out of five Aussies bet regularly. This means nearly 39% of Aussies are regular gamblers. If you consider the totality, nearly 6.9 million people play the lottery and try scratching cards to ace their game. To sum up, Aussies are totally into the gambling world.

In the latest studies, it was proven that a total of $6.5 billion was generated at a profit in 2019 from New South Wales. But this is only a single form of betting from one state out of a whole country. So, you can fathom the madness.

Did you also know that Australians are true lovers of pokies? So wherever there are pokies, Aussies can’t abstain themselves for too long. That is why they are also regarded as having one in the top five of all pokies globally. This is because they have good permission for these things, even outside casinos.

Do Aussies Finish Ahead or Behind?

Although Aussies love gambling, it is unfortunate that they also make the highest amount of gambling losses. When a gambling survey was conducted recently, it was found that Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers in terms of making losses. New Zealand was fifth on the list. But it had an annual average of $454. 

Between 2017 to 2018, Australians lost a total of $24.89 billion in gambling. Although it is embarrassing, Aussies do not feel affected by their vulnerable skills. Instead, they keep trying their hand at gambling and love to take a dig in it every time.

How Has COVID-19 Treated Them?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real problem for gamblers across Australia. Since Australians love to gamble, sitting in their homes and waiting for the lockdown to get over has not been most fruitful for them.

As such, casinos and other gambling places in this country were hit hard, and the revenue dropped considerably. However, with numerous casinos reopening again and the online gambling sites available everywhere, gambling is becoming easier than ever. This makes it evident for the gambling industry to bounce back in time.

Many tourists are also flocking to these casinos in Australia to test their luck and earn a great amount of fortune if possible. This is making it easier for the gambling industry to find its way back into the heart of the business and earn big all over again.


The Richest Gamblers in Australia

#1 Kerry Packer

After inheriting his father’s fortune, Kerry decided to enter the world of gambling. Kerry’s father had left him a fortune of $100million in assets. Television and casino investments were included in it when his father passed away. But it was sheer misfortunate, for he lost around $28million in less than a month. But since he was passionate about horse racing and cricket, he knew he had an escape. When he played in a casino, he walked away with nearly $33 million. He is also famous for winning twenty hands of baccarat in only 20 minutes. Here, each hand was valued at $115,000.

#2 Zeljko Ranogajec

He is a mastermind at horse race betting, but little is known about his winnings. Insiders, however, estimate that his global betting turnover is valued at $1 billion per year. Although he was born in an ordinary Croatian family, he was exceptional at blackjack from the start. When he was too passionate about gambling, he decided to drop out and pursue gambling. Thankfully, it paid off better than he imagined!

Zeljko is a potential bettor who plays his rounds via Japan, New Zealand, and even England. He also bets via Hong Kong and the United States. Initially, he started with only a handful of dollars, but as he went on to play, he earned millions.

#3 Lloyd Williams

Amidst the top gamblers of Australia, Lloyd Williams is a standout. He was also good friends with Kerry Packer, who is number one on this list. His casino, Crown Casino And Entertainment Complex, remains the largest in the country and therefore is highly famous. Tourists from all around the world come to visit this place and cherish the time of their life here. He is also one of the best racehorse owners in Australia today. As such, he is a passionate gambler in the country and inspires everyone with his zest for the same.

#4 Alan Woods

Although he was not the best gambler in the country, he became the unique one of all. Today, he is also one of the top three gamblers when considered worldwide. He started by playing blackjack in a casino in New South Wales. Eventually, he got into horseracing and formed a gambling syndicate. Today, his net worth is in the millions.

Even today, Woods inspires many people with his passion for gambling and eye for innovation in the industry. That is why most people who wish to become good gamblers look upon him.

Final Words

Gambling in Australia is likely to grow in the future. People will continue to play passionately and improve the revenue of the gambling industry. It will be worth every penny, we promise! If you have never experienced the love of gambling here, make sure you take a trip to this country as quickly as possible and have the time of your life.




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