The New Year’s 2022 dating resolutions for singles

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Winter brings us the most fascinating holidays of the year. Christmas, New Year's eve - isn't it an ideal time to make a wish? But what if we would offer you to be more concrete and make plans? Give your love life more than five minutes and think over a strategy of positive changes 2022 should bring!

This article is addressed to those singles who have already decided to include the "Find my soulmate" resolution into the list of plans for the coming year. Following our recommendations, you will finally say goodbye to your loneliness!

The New Year’s 2022 dating resolutions for singles

Make yourself new online dating rules.

Simply said, you need to develop a strategy to save time. If you use dating websites and apps to meet local ladies - try to move to real-life meetings after a few days of chatting. In case of mutual interest, of course. If you are a client of international matchmaking services - make a plan too. After several days of communication, suggest a beautiful Russian bride you are talking with to make a video chat. It will help to quickly understand whether there is an attraction between you two and whether it is worth communicating further.

Clean up your life.

It has nothing to do with spring cleaning, though. It's advisable to divide this process into two phases. During the first one, you need to accept your previous failed experiences. You can't change your past. Isn't it better to let all positive and negative thoughts in this regard go? When you are ready - proceed to the second one. Analyze the circle of your friends. Is there somebody who unfavorably affects your love life? If your buddies spend evenings talking about women with disrespect or convincing you that committed relationships are only for losers - you don't need them. There is nothing good about such an atmosphere.

Learn to say no.

Learn not to waste your evenings on ladies who go on dates just to kill time. As well as on those who look only for sexual adventures.

Saying yes to a rendezvous with a woman you don't really like is not a good idea either. It's better to be alone than in a relationship with someone you are not interested in. Spending nights with such a person, you will still feel lonely. So what is the point, then?

Become more socially active.

Internet dating is an amazing modern way of making new acquaintances. Although, it's highly advisable not to forget about regular social activities offline.

For example, if you don't necessarily have to spend your working days in the office - don't work from home. Try cafes or co-working spaces instead. Don't spend your Saturday watching YouTube videos - attend a conference or speaking club. Dancing classes or sports activities are available in every city in the world.

Go on a trip all alone.

You might be thinking that this tip doesn't make any sense. However, traveling all alone is even better than with friends. Because it means you are free to do what you want.

How about buying yourself a ticket to Amsterdam for the next month? Simply download a city map into your cell phone, book a bed in a hostel, bring just one small bag with you, and walk around the city all day long! Women are naturally friendly and won't mind helping a lost foreign tourist. Don't be surprised if you realize later that this was the best vacation of your life.


One thing you should remember in 2022. The fact you are single doesn't automatically make you unhappy. It has its advantages, and your married buddies won't talk about them all. So, enjoy your life, and your soulmate will find you very soon!




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