Things You Should Know Before Styling Curtain Bangs

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When you notice a hairstyle that looks good on someone, you can be tempted to try it. Some people want to try DIY, which can have positive or negative results if you don't have the right skills. Curtain bangs are a cute hairstyle that elongates the cheekbone and perfectly frames the wearer's face. The hairstyle is also versatile and stylish.

Once you decide to try curtain bangs hairstyle, it is advisable to work with a professional. They have a better experience and find the perfect style that fits your face shape. They also advise on the ideal hair length. A bad hairdo can change how you feel about yourself and lower your confidence. This is not what you want in style. Check these tips before styling the curtain bangs.

    1.   Start With Long Hair

When you start cutting the bangs, you might be tempted to cut a shorter length when beginning. This does not end well because you also need to shape the bangs. Start with a longer length than the one you need. Longer length can be trimmed, but you can't do anything with poorly shaped short hair. If you want your bangs to sit on your forehead, make the length go past your eyebrows or eyes first. This way, you can figure out how to shape them until they get to your forehead.

    2.   Blend Your Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are not easy to style, especially if you do it yourself. That is why it is advisable to contact a hair specialist to do it for you. However, if you have the skill to ensure the bangs open up enough to frame your face perfectly, go ahead. People who DIY are likely to make a blunt cut or shape the bangs not to flatter their facial features. According to LoveHairStyles, others choose styles that don't blend well with their face shapes. One crucial factor to consider when cutting the bangs is blending them into the rest of the hair nicely and perfectly.

Another mistake DIY stylists make is using the wrong tools. Some use kitchen scissors and razor blades which is not advisable. Using the wrong tools could result in an asymmetrical fringe whose sides are unequal. Use recommended tools like cricket thinning shears and designed blades to help you achieve the perfect texture and volume.

    3.   Have An Image For Guidance

Well, while you can get to a salon and get your hairstyle done, you would want to have something you want to imitate for a flawless look. So, although you might have the perfect image in your mind of how you want the bangs to look, downloading a similar picture will make the work easier for you. You can make adjustments and know the steps to follow for the haircut. Get an image with a face shape that resembles yours. Also, if you don't trust your skills, you can have a stylist guide you via video call like zoom. However, ensure your computer screen is big enough to see every step the stylist guide you.

Not all bangs fit all face shapes, so be careful with the one you choose. Ask your stylist for advice.

    4.   They Look Good On Straight Hair But Are Easier To Maintain On Curly Hair

How much time and money do you have to maintain your curtain bangs? Every hairstyle needs some attention, but some hairdos are more demanding. Curtain bangs look good on straight hair. However, this hair is more challenging to maintain than curls. Naturally, wavy hair is also easy to style these bangs because you don't need curling tools and procedures.

If you don't have natural textured hair, you must use hot tools. However, be careful with the frequency you use them because they lead to heart damage and hair weakening. You can use a blowout with a wet round brush. You also need volumizing products.

    5.   Your Hair Won't Grow Overnight If You Mess It Up

Hair growth takes time. To some people, it can take two to three weeks, while others with fast hair growth take a week to gain their volume and length. You will stay with your poorly done bangs for weeks before the hair grows back.






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