5 Winning Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Casino Bonus

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In playing games in the casino, many players desire to have one or more bonuses to have more time of play which may give them a win. This idea of giving out bonuses by the casino is believed to have been put in place to attract new members. It’s an effective marketing tool that has been working pretty fine for most online casinos. There are many bonuses that players can get at the best-known Australian online casinos for real money 2022, but most players prefer to get the no deposit casino bonus. The reason is that such a bonus will allow players to try new games on the casino site to see how they work before wagering on them with real money. There are several bonuses for players in casinos, and each has its mode of use and requirements.

5 Winning Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Casino Bonus


Common Types of Casino Bonuses

    •   No deposit bonus - This bonus is gotten upon signup, and it doesn’t require players to deposit before playing casino games. It’s given under the welcome bonus offer to new players.
    •   Deposit/Match deposit bonus - this is gotten after making the first minimum deposit. The first deposit made will be matched with a certain percentage stipulated on the casino and will be added to your main balance in the account. In most casinos, it’s usually from 100% or more up to a certain amount.
    •   Cashback bonus - this is a bonus given to players as a reward for the amount lost while wagering on the casino. Part of the losses will be given back to players in a certain percentage that varies from one casino to another. This type of bonus is automated.
    •   Reload bonus - this is more like the match bonus but meant for regular players upon their subsequent deposit.
    •   Loyalty bonus - This bonus is meant for players who gamble regularly in the casino. The casino rewards their loyal players in real cash, free spins or free play, gifts, points, etc. This is given daily or weekly, depending on the casino.

5 Winning Ways to Get the Most Out of Casino Bonus

Choosing casinos with lots of bonus offers for players, new and exciting ones, is not enough. The most important is to get something meaningful out of it and make use of it for winnings on your games. There are winning ways that you can follow which will help you get the most out of the bonuses, and we are going to highlight the main five ways here. Except for bonuses, there are also some extra rewards and offers the casino can provide you, such as a casino host, rooms, drinks, etc.

Pay Attention to the Bonus Percentage and Maximum Amount

The first thing that is worth considering is making the most out of the casino bonus offers. You will find in most casinos that their deposit is usually matched by 100%. In some rare cases, you may see a match of 75% or 50%. In comparison, some casinos go beyond that to have 200% or more for their match deposit. You won’t see a deposit match beyond 500%, which is already a rare occurrence. The maximum for the bonus varies according to casinos, usually between $5 to $5,000 or even more. When you know the percentage with the maximum amount of the bonus, it will assist you in predicting the initial deposit amount.

Variance Slots

There are some casino secrets you can get to know to benefit from your play more. If you enjoy playing on slot machines, to be able to withdraw your winnings any time you want to, selecting low or medium variance slots is the best. However, with the variance selected, you won’t make big winnings but will still make something worthwhile out of it before entering a zero balance. Lots of slot games exist in online casinos, giving this opportunity to win with the variance. What needs to be done is to search for them online and avoid those slots that do not provide this opportunity.

Don’t Abuse the Bonus Offers

You will get lots of bonus offers from the casino you choose to play your games on. This is to attract new players and retain existing ones. But one thing about the casinos is that as you want to make the most from the bonus, they also want to make the bonus back. Therefore, they don’t like it when players abuse the bonus given, and as a result, the casinos have given rules and regulations attached with the bonus. One is that players cannot go beyond a specific stake when wagering with the bonus. In an attempt to do that, the player will be seen as an advantage player leading to a reduction in the overall wager.

Forfeit the Bonus After a Big Win

Suppose you are lucky and win a substantial amount before using the bonus money offered by the casino. In that case, you can do that as some casino allows players to withdraw all their winnings without meeting any wagering requirements. With this, you can forfeit the bonus offer given by using it and trying to meet the wagering requirements, which may lead to losing what you have. To forfeit the bonus, you will need to contact the support team to do this, which may be a good move on your part. However, some casinos do not allow forfeiting bonuses, but trustworthy ones do.

Don’t Play for a Bonus

When you make the first deposit on a casino to take on the bonus offer, there is a high probability of winning a big amount. You meet the casino’s wagering requirements and want to cash out; then, you discover that there is a maximum withdrawal amount you can make from the bonus winnings. This can be frustrating. A bonus offer shouldn’t be a deciding factor when selecting a casino; a safe, reliable, and trusted casino should be sought after.


As bonuses are a good way of increasing your bankroll, if ways to utilize them are not given cognizance, it can ruin your account. The winning ways discussed above can be of great value if put into account to make the most from the bonus offer. In addition, always review the terms and conditions to be aware of what it takes to be given a bonus and to withdraw your winnings from the casino. To have more of the bonuses, the terms and conditions can also guide how to take on more offers. Furthermore, before making cash out after you have made some profit, check your wagering progress. With this, you will know when to make a halt and stop. This info can be obtained by checking the withdrawal page to see the withdrawal amount. You should intend to enjoy the game rather than focusing extensively on the bonus or promotions.






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